Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mid-day roundup

A few different topics to discuss, and I've been remiss on blogging the last couple of days.

The BBC/Boomer Sooner
I started this blog a little over a year ago, and I've noticed the increasing traffic as time goes by. Obviously, traffic increases during college football season, but it's been getting better and better. I have to thank you for returning to my blog, and spreading the news to your friends. Also, the support of the best Buckeye blogs in the world is nice too (I'm looking at you, MotSaG and Eleven Warriors/Eleven Sooners). Plus, the Big Ten Bloggers has been a nice support system for all of us involved. i see trackbacks from every blog in that group, and it's nice to know we're all supporting each other.

Having said that, November has been the best month The BBC has ever had. We're going to have 10,000 page views this month, if we just keep up the average for these last three days. Our previous best month ever was 7,100 views, and that was fueled by the National Championship and the infamous Ted Ginn injury rumor. So again, I thank all of you for reading and for making me feel like my page actually matters.

Where will we be in January?

Our location will be one of two places. Ohio State will either play in Pasadena on January 1st, or New Orleans on January 7th. That's the easy part.

The tough part is who we're going to play. There are literally about 12 different teams we could face in our bowl game. No kidding.

Take a deep breath, here we go;

Kansas, Georgia, and Ohio state are all idle. Ohio State has a VERY wide margin over Georgia and Kansas (and the rest), so we're safely locked into the Top 3.

National Championship possibilities

- WVU wins, Missouri loses = Ohio State/West Virginia
- WVU loses, Missouri wins = Ohio State/Missouri
- WVU and Missouri lose = Ohio State/Georgia OR Ohio State/Kansas - it's unlikely to have Kansas jump over Georgia, but the margin is close and a 1-loss Kansas team might leapfrog a 2-loss Georgia squad. It's possible.
- WVU and Missouri lose, and Virginia Tech beats Boston College by 35 points = Ohio State/Virginia Tech. Tech is 6th right now, but a complete destruction of a one-time surefire BCS team like BC might push a lot of voters to land VT in the big game. Again, doubtful but still possible.
- WVU loses, Missouri loses, Va Tech loses, LSU destroys Tennessee by 4 or 5 TDs = Ohio State/LSU. Again, unlikely. But an overwhelming winner of the SEC will surely get more consideration than Georgia or Kansas. I don't see it happening, but we're talking possibilities here...and yes, it's possible in a very remote kind of fashion.
- WVU loses, Missouri loses, Va Tech loses, LSU loses, and Oklahoma beats Missouri 42-0 = Ohio State/Oklahoma. No way do I ever see that happening...but if you beat the #1 team 42-0 and win the Big 12 at the same time, then you SHOULD jump over teams that lose or are idle. it'd probably cause mass hysteria amongst college football fans if it happened. But yes, it is still possible.

Rose Bowl possibilities
- If USC beats UCLA = Ohio State/USC
- If USC loses to UCLA and Arizona State beats Arizona = Ohio State/Arizona State
- If USC and Arizona State both lose = Ohio State/UCLA

I've gone over the numbers - it's true. If UCLA beats USC and ASU loses, the tiebreakers ALL fall in favor of the Bruins. How f-ing disappointing would that be, to have to play UCLA in a BCS game?

Cleveland Cavaliers

I usually take a few weeks to get revved up for a Cavs post, but after they beat the Big Three and Boston last night, I've just gotta take my hat off to the wine and gold. The news of Anderson Varejao's whining about 6-point, 6-rebound per game players not getting a fair-share contract of 9 million a year must have really fired up the guys to show they are contenders even without Wild Thing.

And if we can play like that without AV, I say fuck him. Make him sit as looooong as possible. No team will want to pay that much, and no team will sign him to a short-term deal knowing that he'll try to break the bank once the contract expires. He's ruining himself and he doesn't even know it yet.

Buckeye Basketball

We saw signs of excellence when we beat 21st-ranked Syracuse, and we saw signs of inexperience when we got crushed by 15th-ranked Texas A&M. Which team will show up tonight when we face top-ranked North Carolina tonight? Who knows...but if we play within 8 points of them, or even knock off these guys, it'll be a HUGE step towards success for the baby Buckeyes. I have faith in Thad Matta. Let's see where he's got the guys at right now.

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