Saturday, November 24, 2007

Buck fans - become fans of Connecticut and Tennessee today!

ESPN is oing College Gameday live from the Kansas-Missouri matchup. Frankly, this is possibly the least enticing game between two Top-4 teams I can ever recall.

As far as Ohio State fans are concerned, this game means nothing. We need the winner to lose next week in the Big 12 Championship to Oklahoma...and it doesn't matter which team gets there, they just need to lose once they arrive.

The BCS standings (as of this very minute) look like this;

1. Kansas
2. West Virginia
3. Missouri
4. Ohio State
5. Georgia

Either Kansas or Missouri will fall today, knocking that team out and bumping everybody else up one.

Obviously, we need to see one more team knocked off amongst the top 3. West Virginia may have an easy route, but it's not THAT easy. They have 20th-ranked Connecticut at home today. WVA is fired up and they know that if they win out, they get into the National Championship Game. But how many other teams have had that scenario and failed to win at home?

Buckeye fans, become Connecticut fans today. If the Huskies win, Ohio State will be ranked #2 when the BCS Standings come out on Sunday night.

Unbelievably, that might not be enough to get us in....sadly, the SEC has ramped up their whine-fest, and the media is still hugging onto the nutsack of that conference. The pundits have already begun the chant of having Georgia leapfrog Ohio State if they win the SEC Championship Game over LSU.

Therefore, let's knock that little pipe dream out of the sky while we have the chance.....Georgia does NOT control their own destiny. If Tennessee beats Kentucky today, the Volunteers get to play in the SEC title game, and not Georgia. There's NO way the leapfrog happens for a team that doesn't even get into the championship game for their conference, no matter how hard the SEC cries.

So, for today....we don different colors.

Tennessee plays Kentucky at 130pm
Connecticut plays West Virginia at 330pm.

Go Vols!
Go Huskies!
Go Buckeyes!

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