Monday, November 26, 2007

Michigan has a rare chance at history

While all the Michigan talk lately has been about their search for a head coach (Kirk Ferentz is the latest a Buckeye fan, I pray for that to be true), I'd like to point out that the Wolverines have a rare chance to add to the historical data that is their 2007 season.

Michigan could be the only team in history ever to lose to two National Champions in the same season.

If Oklahoma knocks off Missouri, Ohio State goes to the BCS title game. Ohio State need only win that game, and they are crowned champions.

Meanwhile, Appalachian State is preparing to take on Eastern Washington in the 1-AA playoffs. This win, plus two more Mountaineer wins will give them their own championship.

Can't wait until someone asks Mike Hart "which would you rather lose to, the BCS National Champion, or the 1-AA National Champion"?


The Ronin said...

Now, that is rich!

Lol, I can see Hart's face right now...

AppFan said...

Actually, the second team