Friday, November 16, 2007

One down, Five to go

We're back in the big picture again, Buckeye fans.

#2 Oregon has just fallen to Arizona, 34-24. Yes, Arizona. That Arizona team that's 4-6 this year.

This will drop the Ducks out of the championship hunt. Two losses to unranked teams equals death for them.

With the Buckeyes at #7 heading into this week, we needed six different games to go our way. One of them (the most unlikely one, in my opinion) has just taken place.

What else needs to happen now?

-Cincinnati needs to beat #6 West Virginia
-#4 Missouri needs to beat #3 Kansas
-#5 Oklahoma needs to beat #4 Missouri
-Georgia needs to beat #1 LSU
-And of course, #7 Ohio State needs to beat Michigan

One down, five to go, and we can play for another National Championship.

But first things first....BEAT MICHIGAN!

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