Monday, November 13, 2006

.....and the Grammy for Song of the Year goes to........

Gather 'round the keg, me hearties, and I'll weave you a tale of a piece of human scum. A barkin'-mad, terrible lad, clad in maize and blue pad, stinkin' of bad gonad named Chad.

Chad Henne is a joke
A mother-fuckin' joke
His wolverines are gonna fuckin' croak
They call him Dr. Choke, bet on him, you'll go broke
'Cause Chad Henne is a mother-fuckin' joke

Chad Henne is a bitch
A mother-fuckin' bitch
As welcome as a case of rectal itch
His gender he should switch, the Buck defense it makes him twitch
'Cause Chad Henne is a mother-fuckin' bitch

Chad Henne is a dick
A mother-fuckin' dick
A fucked-up, stuck-up, nasty whiny prick
He can't get a chick, when he fucks he comes too quick
'Cause Chad Henne is a mother-fuckin' dick

Chad Henne is a clown
A mother-fuckin' clown
The biggest clown in all Ann Arbor town
A loser all around, you son of a bitch, you're goin' down
'Cause Chad Henne is a mother-fuckin' clown
Chad Henne is a mother-fuckin' clown

-"Chad Henne", by The Dead Schembechlers

To hear this song (and it is SO much funnier to hear, especially when they sing the tune to "Le Regiment"), you should click here and show them some MySpace love!

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