Sunday, November 12, 2006

It's official....NOBODY wants to play us in Glendale!

While the Buckeyes were dismantling the Wildcats yesterday, the rest of the NCAA had the chance to step up and take over the Number 3 slot, putting themselves into position to play in the BCS National Championship game on January 8th.

- #3 Louisville had already lost hope and breathed a sigh of relief at NOT having to face the Bucks.
- #4 Texas had a flashback to September 9th and said "No Mas."
- #5 Auburn said "HELL, NO! PLEASE DROP US OUT OF THE TOP 10!"
- #6 Florida said "We don't want to play Ohio State", but then South Carolina's kicker wouldn't let them lose.
- #8 California said "You know, we're not quite ready for that pressure yet."

That leaves only five possible scenarios for the National Championship.

The winner of Ohio State- That Team Up North WILL play for the title.

They will play either;

- Notre Dame
- Florida
- Rutgers
- The loser of the Ohio State/That Team Up North game

As for me....I want Notre Dame. And I can guarantee you that they're having nightmares already. If they get in, they have to face one of the two teams that gave them their two most recenty ass-handings.

But above all, I DO NOT WANT TO PLAY RUTGERS!!!!! If we face them, every story leading up to the game will be "David Vs. Goliath", and when we win, everyone will say "well, you should have won, so it doesn't mean anything." No thank you, I don't want that headline. Give me Notre Dame for the second straight year. It'll be just as easy of a win against Rutgers, and we get the satisfaction of humiliating Irish fans all over again.

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