Tuesday, November 07, 2006

No commentary today.....

...for two reasons.....

- It's Election day, and I always dedicate myself to helping people who have difficulty getting to the polls. I'm taking a six-and-a-half minute break for lunch, so I'm writing fast.

- I expect Blogger to completely lose power once the polls close and millions of people begin refreshing their pages on political websites.

So have a nice day, go Buckeyes, and please go vote.



Eleven Warriors said...


Looks like you chose to run a couple of years too early. Before the nation woke up.

Jeff Seemann said...

Don't think I haven't been kicking myself all day long over that one.

I wasn't ready to run again in 06, though. I might have won, considering I would have had better name recognition and a larger fundraising impact.

But it's not about me. This time.

Thank you, though. I appreciate it.

Eleven Warriors said...

I think what's really telling is the fact that all of these state issues to raise the minimum wage passed easily. Red and Blue states alike..