Friday, November 10, 2006

Back to the Buckeyes.....

OK, my Election day hangover is gone now. And if you are wondering, it was a happy hangover. I've spent the last three days driving people to the polls, watching results in anticipation, losing plenty of sleep, celebrating, working, and playing with my 8-year-old.

Back to the Buckeyes.....

I don't recall where I saw it, but someone asked "why do all our opponents seem to have their best game just before they play us?" Good point. Maybe they don't always have their BEST game, but they sure do play a good one.....

-Northwestern knocked off Iowa last week, now they face us.
-Illinois nearly beat Wisconsin, then faced us.
-Indiana beat Iowa, then faced us.
-Iowa beat Illinois, then faced us (look at Iowa's schedule...they DID play their best game against Illinois)

So what does that tell us?

Not a damn thing. I just thought it was cool.

1 comment:

Dirk_Star said...

Ohio St. rulers of the known universe!
the wolverines are gonna get beat so bad they'll think its election day all over again.

They'll probably have change their name to the Michigan Neocons.

YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!