Saturday, December 09, 2006

About 2 hours to go

There's a little over 2 hours left before the Heisman Trophy Presentation begins. I'm leaving in 5 minutes to go to Cleveland and see a concert (The Lemonheads, if you want to know). Since I'll be gone, choose from the following stories after 8pm.....

a) The voters made the right choice, and only Notre Ame fans were unable to grasp the reality of it all. Congratulations to Troy Smith on moving Ohio State into a first-place tie for the school with the most Heisman Trophies...our 7th! Mazel Tov, Troy!

b) A complete travesty, unparalleled by anything I've ever seen. Troy Smith, go take it out on Florida, and bring home the Crystal Football!!!

But let's be honest...we all KNOW Troy wins it. The only question left is "will he win it by the largest margin ever?"

P.S. Yes, I know I called them "Notre Ame". We already know there's no D at that school, so let's have the name reflect it.

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