Saturday, December 30, 2006


OK, so my computer died, but I have successfully returned it from the grave. It was hairy and ugly, but all is well now.

In the meantime, I've missed out on valuable bowl predictions, so here's a quick summary.

I was shocked at myself for going against two Big Ten schools, but I didn't feel either deserved bowl bids. Purdue beat nobody, and Minnesota got humiliated in the only game I saw them play.

Minnesota vs. Texas Tech
So I chose Texas Tech over Minnesota, and then the Gophers nearly proved me wrong. In the end, Tech scored 30 points after the 3rd quarter and beat Minny.

Purdue vs. Maryland
I feel that Maryland is a damn fine team that hit too many speed bumps, so I took them over Purdue. Honestly, I can't name a single player on Purdue anyway, and I know a lot about college football.

Navy vs. Boston College
I take Navy over BC in an upset. Navy's running game is too good, and if they had a halfway decent passing game, they'd have taken Notre Dame out and spared us the misery of the Hoodie-coach. BC's squeaked out a few wins they shouldn't have, but not in this one. Take the upset with Navy.

Texas vs. Iowa
I call it my "Bad Day Bowl", based on my two versions of Bad Day videos. But in the end, Iowa will continue the Bad Day by losing badly to Texas. I've seen them both in action and watched how they each rebounded from poundings at the hands of the Buckeyes. Texas came back immediately and won their next 8 games (but they have slipped lately). Iowa lost to us and then went 2-5 the rest of the way. How embarassing. Take the Longhorns.

Georgia vs. Virginia Tech
I thought Georgia had a shot at a BCS Bowl, maybe even the Big One. Then I saw them give up 138 points in just under 4 minutes against Tennessee. They're pretenders and only the SEC apologists at CBS have kept their name among good college teams. Meanwhile, Tech has been a powerhouse on defense all year long. They had two consecutive weeks where their defense broke down on them, and they allowed 60 points in those two losses. In their other 10 games combined, they allowed 52 points. The defense will show up and Georgia will be in trouble. Take Virginia Tech.

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