Saturday, December 02, 2006

A big week starts today

Today begins what may be a very historical week for the Buckeyes football team. They might be facing their biggest week in which they don't have a game to play. Yeah, that sounds strange, but it makes sense in my head.

  • Today at 4:30, USC takes the field against UCLA. All speculation says that if USC wins today, they'll secure the #2 BCS slot and head to Glendale for the BCS National Championship Game.
  • However, we won't know for sure until 8pm on Sunday. That's when the BCS bids will be announced officially. Ten teams will learn which BCS Bowl game they are headed to, and we'll find out who our 13th victim is at that time.
  • Wednesday afternoon, Troy Smith will get his invitation to the Heisman Trophy Presentation. 5 athletes will be invited, and the only drama is whether or not Brady Quinn even gets to attend (my guess is no, he'll finish 6th in voting and will not be attending)
  • Then the following Saturday afternoon, Troy Smith heads to New York City to accept his Heisman Trophy.

On a different note, here's my predictions for today's games, which will lead to the following BCS Bowl games.....

  • USC will easily defeat UCLA, but Pete Carroll will run up the score to distance themselves from #3 Michigan. The backlash will not be pretty.
  • Arkansas will win the SEC Championship, then claim they deserve to play in the Championship Game, convienently forgetting their 50-16 loss to USC in Week 1. They will officially steal Michigan's battle cry, commonly known as "That Game Didn't Count, So We Want A Do-Over".
  • Meanwhile, LSU fans will be left in a hysterical fit over the BCS rule that only allows two teams from the same conference to play in BCS Bowls. Auburn Coach Tommy Tuberville will be seen bitching on televisions across Alabama, screaming "conspiracy" for not allowing a 10-2 Auburn or a 10-2 LSU into the BCS.
  • In another part of the country, 11-1 Wisconsin will prepare for their non-BCS Bowl game in a very dignified manner, completely ignored by the commentators who will be broadcasting Tuberville and his wailing.
  • In the most ignored championship game of the 21st Century, Wake Forest will win the ACC over the team they are playing. I forget who it is, and I don't care enough about the game to research it. Oh, yeah. Georgia Tech. Whatever.
  • Oklahoma will win the Big 12 over Nebraska, and in my opinion, this should give Bob Stoops the Coach Of The Year award. Find me another coach that can lose a starting QB and a Heisman candidate at RB and still win 11 games and a league title (12 if you count the Oregon debacle).
  • Rutgers will knock off West Virginia to win the Big East title. Mountaineer fans everywhere will immediately begin their claim as the "best 3-loss team in the NCAA".

The outcome of this weekend will create the most fucked-up BCS series in history. Bowls will scramble to grab teams that can sell tickets, and the result will leave the worst matchups we have ever seen.

BCS National Championship Game - 1/8/07
Ohio State vs. USC

Sugar Bowl - 1/3/07
Arkansas vs. Notre Dame

Orange Bowl - 1/2/07
Wake Forest vs. Florida

Fiesta Bowl - 1/1/07
Oklahoma vs. Boise State

Rose Bowl - 1/1/07
Michigan vs. Louisville


Anonymous said...

like the look ahead, but don't you think the rose bowl will take florida over louisville if they lose to arkansas?

Jeff Seemann said...

Perhaps...but the Orange Bowl gets to choose before the Rose Bowl, and while there's little proof of Louisville travelling well and filling the seats, the OB knows that the Gator fans will sell out the house.

Anonymous said...

jeff- my understanding was that the rose gets first choice if they lose the pac-10 tie-in to the mnc game. no?

Jeff Seemann said...

I was under the impression that the Rose would go last since they were furthest from the NC...but I might be wrong.

Anyway, doesn't matter now...USC goes to the Rose Bowl after choking big time.