Friday, June 29, 2007

The Day After

The Cavaliers didn't have a selection in this year's NBA Draft, so I didn't really get the opportunity to dwell into it. So today, I take a look at the day after and I focus on the team that will probably challenge the Cavs in the East for the next few years, the Chicago Bulls.

Yeah, I took the image from the 80s Made-For-TV movie. But the image might as well summarize how the city of Chicago feels on The Day After their draft.

Seriously, I'm laughing my ass off over that draft.

Joakim Noah? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bulls had a prime opportunity to pick up a quality player to help out an already up-and-coming contender, and they fell flat on their faces. Joakim Noah made his name in college basketball by being a jackass and by out-hustling college players. Whenever he came up against a quality opponent, he got his ass handed to him.

Find me a team on Florida's schedule that had NBA talent on it, and I'll show you a game where Noah was invisible. Ohio State is a perfect example. Noah scored 15 points against the Buckeyes....7 in the first game, 8 in the second.

Sure, he looked great scoring 24 against Ole Miss and 19 against Vanderbilt. But against Purdue and the now-Seattle Sonic Carl Landry...9 points. UCLA and the Detroit Pistons' new player Arron Affalo...8 points. The list goes on and on.

Ohio State had three players who are now in the NBA. What's this kid going to do when he sees 5 NBA players on the floor against him at the same time?

This pick will be a major bust, and the boys at the Bulls blog know it;

"...this is a DREADFUL pick"
"Noah is the biggest loudmouth in the draft"
"pax has lost his mind. this is a horrible pick"
"noah will play 5 mins a night, maybe block a shot, get 3 fouls 4 rebounds and sit down."

Of course, the biggest horse's ass over there thinks the Bulls will "develop him into Jordan". Seriously, he said that....I guess you just can't reason with stupidity.

Anyway, on a day that the Cavs were not going to take part and I only had my eyes on the Buckeyes, it was nice to see a rival jump headfirst into loserville. The Cavaliers road to the Finals in 2008 is not in any more danger since the Bulls wasted their pick like that.

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