Thursday, June 07, 2007

I've got your story right here.....

In the lead-up to the Finals, and especially during the games, interesting storylines are ALWAYS being reported on. Sometimes they get a little ridiculous.

I wouldn't be surprised if I saw a story about how on April 25th, which is Tim Duncan's birthday, George Gervin once scored 25 points and then later went on to win the Finals. That's how hard they have to stretch it at times. (yes, I know Gervin never won an NBA title, I'm being facetious)

Seriously, count how many times they tell you that Eva Longoria is engaged to Tony Parker. I mean, who would ever DREAM that a hot woman would be dating a professional athlete?

OK, want a storyline? I've got one for you. Be ready.

- LeBron James' longtime girlfriend, Shannon, is 8 and a half months pregnant.
- She is due to give birth on June 17th.
- June 17th is the scheduled day for Game 5 in Cleveland.
- June 17th is also.....Father's Day!

Are you following me?

Think about it....if the Cavaliers win one game in San Antonio, you can start the stories about how LeBron James can hold the Finals Championship Trophy for the first time ever, a mere hours before he holds his newborn son for the first time ever....on Father's Day.

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