Sunday, June 03, 2007

I'm not sleeping and I can't stop smiling

We still have four more games to win, and yes I know we can win The NBA Finals this season. We weren't supposed to beat the Pistons (find me a national sportswriter that picked the Cavs before the series), and we could have won all 6 games. Now they say we're not supposed to beat the Spurs. I'm not buying it. Don't underestimate this team.

Other thoughts about tonight;

- The Finals are a 2-3-2 series. We play games 1 and 2 in San Antonio, then get the next three at home. This benefits the Cavaliers greatly.
- Is Daniel Gibson the Cavaliers version of Scottie Pippen? It's too early to tell, but Jordan wasn't about to win any titles until he got Pippen. LeBron needs at least one quality player, and Gibson is the guy who has decided to step up.
- Through six games, there wasn't a single moment without tension. The games were always so close, so intense. It felt great to have the final four minutes of Game 6 to celebrate.
- The Cavs have now won 16 out of their last 20 games. Any team that wins 80% of their games at the end of the year can clearly be called "peaking".
- Pistons fans are already blaming the officials. Maybe they should look at the rebounding statistics. Cleveland 53, Detroit 33.
- Head Coach Mike Brown is still in his second year as a Cavalier, but he now leads the team in all-time playoff wins. His 19 wins moved him past Lenny Wilkens, whom I believe was our greatest coach.
- LeBron James is 19-10 in the playoffs in just his fourth year. Michael Jordan was 5-15 in the playoffs during his first four years.
- Rasheed Wallace is officially suspended for the season opener of the 2007-2008 season. What a jackass.
- Wallace's outburst was pure selfishness and showed his inability to think of his team. Had the Pistons come back (they were only down 12 with 8 minutes to play) and won Game 6, Wallace's tantrum guaransheed that he was suspended for any potential Game 7.
- Eric Snow didn't get much game time this series. Look for that to change against the Spurs. He'll get in often to stop either Tony Parker or Manu Ginobili.
- Chauncey Billups played his last game as a Detroit Piston tonight. The rumor was that he'd bolt if they failed to make the NBA Finals, and he's not going to stick around, especially if Flip Saunders is still their coach. He's a free agent now and he won't be in a Piston uniform again.
- Chris Webber still doesn't have any championships in his whole life. He's also a free agent, and if he signs with the Pistons again, the odds are he'll never get one. This alone leads me to think he'll go play somewhere else.
- The Tigers beat the Indians tonight, and nobody cared.
- All the games for The Finals are on ABC, which means that Charles Barkley's season is over before the Cavaliers is. Damn, that feels good.

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