Friday, June 15, 2007

You can't be serious

My friends and co-workers don't know me very well.

I've been getting calls and text messages since last night, asking me if I'm OK. People know how much I love my Cavaliers, and I think they're just malking sure to try and cheer me up. I have news for them, and for all of you.

I don't need to be cheered up. Why the hell would I?

My favorite NBA team just played in the NBA Finals for the first time ever. They are the Eastern Conference Champions, and NOBODY expected them to be. How could I not smile from ear-to-ear about that?

Yeah, I know the Spurs swept them in 4 games and two of the games weren't close....but the Spurs are a better team, and have the Finals experience. Plus, the Spurs are not a team you can hate (unless you live in Phoenix). It's a nice bunch of guys who play well as a team and they aren't at all arrogant about it. It's not like losing to the Detroit Pistons or the Chicago Bulls (and their fans who seem to think they accomplished something in the past 10 years).

Where we stand today is perfect for this year. I expected improvement every season with LeBron James as their leader, and I've got it. Now I look forward to 2007-2008 where we must improve on a 50-win season and a trip to The Finals. And I know I'll get it. This team knows how to learn from past failures, and they will succeed. You need proof? Look at last year's Pistons series vs. this year's Pistons series.

I looked at every team in the NBA yesterday, and I can only think of five teams that can possibly be satisfied today. Here's the list;

- The Cleveland Cavaliers. Two years ago they missed the playoffs, and now they own a Championship.
- The San Antonio Spurs. For obvious reasons.
- The Utah Jazz. Two years ago, they were 26-56. Lat year they missed the playoffs at 41-41. This year they made the west Finals.
- The Golden State Warriors. It took a five-game win streak to get the final playoff spot, and they went out and beat the pre-crowned champions. Bonus points for making Mark Cuban whine.
- The Portland Trailblazers. They played so badly that they get to have Greg Oden. That's gotta make all eighteen of their fans happy.

Any other team in the NBA can look back and say they're satisfied....they're lying. All the rest of the teams only have trivial successes to be happy about.

Looking back at the past year, I'm not going to complain. My Buckeyes won the Big Ten football championship, made the National Championship game, and beat Michigan. My Buckeyes won the Big Ten basketball championship, beat Michigan twice, beat Wisconsin twice, and made the National Championship game. My Cavaliers got the 2-seed in the east, possibly ruined the Pistons for 5 years, and won the Eastern Conference Championship. My Indians are currently in first place, 2 games ahead of the Tigers.

So if you know me, or at least know who I am, don't worry about calling me to ask if I'm OK. I'm doing just fine today.


Hermano said...

I wish I could be as happy as you are. While this is a good year for the Cavaliers, not being able to salvage one game is huge step back I feel. No one expected us to win the series (including me), but to go out and get shellacked and dominated the way we were shows me that one more year isn't going to put us over the edge.

That's three of the teams I root for that got to the championship and lost. Ohio is 2nd place this year.

Art Dinkin said...

Jeff, one of the reasons I like reading your blog is you always keep a great perspective. Too bad you had to show it three times this year... OSU Football, Basketball, and now your Cav's. You're right though. Most fans don't get the opportunity to root for a championship once in a year... let alone thrice.