Saturday, June 02, 2007

Ownership papers could be signed tonight

Last night, Detroit fans grew to hate Cleveland more than they ever have before. Michiganders look at the state to the south and they feel pure frustration.

Detroit sports fans are already stinging from watching the Pistons lose three straight to Cleveland. Then they were forced to watch their Tigers play the Indians again. The Tigers had lost four straight to the Tribe, but this one looked like it would turn out differently. Leading 11-7 in the bottom of the ninth, Detroit called on closer Todd Jones to finish the game and win their first game of the year against the division-leading squad from Cleveland.

Guess what happened? The Tribe scored five runs in the ninth and won 12-11.

And if you were a Tigers fan watching, there was a moment that just HAD to get under your skin....Victor Martinez hit a three-run home run to cut the lead down to one run, and the home run was caught by a guy wearing a "Witness" t-shirt. That's pretty damn funny, if you ask me.

Let's recap recent history of Ohio vs. Michigan.....

- The Cavaliers have won three in a row against the Pistons. A win tonight for the Cavs advances them to The Finals and ends Detroit's season, the fourth time in the last five years they will be knocked out in the Eastern Conference Finals.
- The Indians are 5-0 this year against the Tigers, and they hold a 4.5 game lead over the kitties up north.
- Ohio State football ended all hopes of a Michigan National Championship last year in a 42-39 demolition of the so-called 'greatest defense ever'.
- Buckeye football has won 3 in a row and 5 of 6 against Michigan football.
- Ohio State men's basketball has won 6 in a row against Michigan. The Wolverines last win was in early 2004.
- Ohio State women's basketball has won WAY too many in a row against Michigan. Bill Clinton was President the last time Michigan won.

Tonight, the Cavaliers have a golden opportunity to win at home and go to the NBA Finals. And if they do, the entire state of Michigan may implode from the weight of all that frustration.

Remember how we used to despise the Chicago Bulls when they beat us so many times in the playoffs? Wouldn't it feel great to know that somebody else hates us like that?


Anonymous said...

It was 11-7 in the ninth, and the final was 12-11. Go Tribe! Go LeBrons!

Jeff Seemann said...

Thanks! I edited it to reflect the actual score.