Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Citizens of Michigan, bow down to your owners.....

Oh, yeah....let me taste those tears.....

First, the bigger news. Yes, Terrelle Pryor signed with us. Yes, it was the most likely scenario, based on a month or so of speculation and "insider rumors".

But don't let the Michiganders fool you, they wanted him BAD, and it is eating up at their very fragile egos that he snubbed them. Regardless of what you may hear elsewhere (i.e. "we didn't want him anyway"), Blue fans were singing a MUCH different tune a few short months ago.

For example, Brian (who always has an excuse) was telling his readers in December that the hiring of Rich Rodriguez may have been told to Pryor first, and that immediately Terrelle told a friend to "put them on my list". MgoBlog reported back then that Pryor was "likely to commit", but shied away from any actual source on that.

In February, he was begging Charlie Batch to send his prodigy to Michigan. He even did it in all caps so you would know he was reeeeealllllly serious. And he even mentioned that "there's no one to throw to at Penn State". But at Michigan, he was sure to have a wide array of, ummmmm, uhhhhh.....Antonio Bass? Or Greg Mathews? Oh, yeah, there's Adrian Arrington if he doesn't get caught beating up women again.

So it's no surprise that MGoBlog is now trying to bury its' proverbial oversized head in the sand now that Pryor will not set foot in Ann Arbor for another 19 months. Expect Brian to post a few diatribes soon about how his presence in scarlet and gray will mean very little and that he will be a big bust. The cat may know how to use a thesaurus, but his prognostications and his ability to properly dissect are often very very suspect. For proof of that, I take you to this delightful piece, written in August of 2007, when MGoBlog was previewing the Big Ten teams for the 2007 campaign;

It's hard to extrapolate from a freshman year in which (Beanie) Wells was a
backup who got most of his carries against Northwestern, Minnesota, Michigan
State, and the like. He is unlikely to average 5.5 yards per carry as the
primary threat,
especially without Smith, Ginn, and Gonzalez drawing all sorts of attention.

MGB was correct. Wells did not average 5.5 yards per carry on the season.

He averaged 5.9 yards per carry.

And I'm pretty sure that he got a LOT of attention all by himself, especially when he ran for 222 yards against Michigan (by the way, that's 129 yards more than the entire Wolverine offense that day).

Oh, and one more thing. The Cleveland Cavaliers embarrassed the Detroit Pistons tonight 89-73. Bow down, bitches.

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Evan said...

"Made you eat your parents, made you eat your parents."

Well done. Brian is the worst. Remember when he "cracked the story" that Ferentz was going to be Um's new coach? He also posted and tried to give a lot of credibility to the rumors that Pryor was involved in some dirty recruiting.