Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Those who stay will be champions - Hey, where ya going? Please stay!"

As mentioned earlier today, at least one Michigan offensive lineman has left the football team. Justin Boren has quit the Wolverines, and he was their best lineman for the upcoming season.

The Michigan offense is going to be filled with holes (and laughter) all season. They lost their only QB, their only RB, their best WR, several key members of the offensive line, and they have to learn a new system with a QB that has never taken a snap. Oh, and they failed to recruit the guy who was "made for Rodriguez' system".

Rumor also has it that Boren's departure may not be the last one of the spring.

At this point, it's not looking pretty for Michigan. Appalachian State may cancel their game against Michigan to open the 2008 season to look for tougher competition (OK, that part is satire)

We at The BBC couldn't be happier at Michigan's current incompetence.


Dr. F√ľnke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family-Band Solution said...

I guess you haven't been reading the Um boards. Boren couldn't cut it in RR's new system and the program is better off without him. Come on! Nothing ever goes wrong for those people!

RedNeck said...

I read in the Dispatch Boren might walk on at tOSU. That'd be interesting...