Saturday, March 08, 2008

Snowbound and bored

16-20 inches of snow buried me at home over the past two days. My restaurant hasn't been open since Friday at about 7pm (and there weren't many guests in the hours leading up to that), so I haven't had much in the way of "things to do".

Soooooo, since I had my daughter here all weekend, I decided to show her a little historical movie from my own youth. Tonight, she saw "Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure" for the first time. She LOVED it....she's 9, so props to her for appreciating something like that. Someday when she's in her 20s, she'll go watch it again, and she'll actually understand why daddy was laughing so hard when Sigmund Freud was holding a corn-dog at the mall. I think the subtle parts of that movie were what made it so hilarious. Plus, how many other movies have Billy The Kid playing with a Nerf football in ancient Greece?

Hopefully by Monday, the roads will be better and I can get back to work again. This week, I'm supposed to train a new employee....she's Brian Hartline's cousin, and she is SMOKIN hot. No, you can't see pictures. How am I supposed to explain that one? "Hey, can I take a picture of you to put on the internets?" Yeah, that'll work. Just take my word for it.....smokin. Maybe someday I'll be able to get her to agree to SideBoob Friday.

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