Saturday, March 15, 2008

God hates the SEC

As Mississippi State led 64-61 with 2:11 left in overtime, a loud blast was
heard inside the dome. The girders near the dome's roof began to swing, and a
gaping section of the north part of the roof was ripped open, dropping debris
that included nuts and bolts.

The severe storm ripped a hole in the roof of the Georgia Dome during
the Southeastern Conference tournament Friday, delaying Mississippi State's
69-67 overtime win over Alabama for more than an hour and postponing a game
between Georgia and Kentucky.

God hates the SEC, and is therefore a Buckeye fan.

There can be no other explanation.


Anonymous said...

now if only He would send a little love our way directly... by means of a championship or something :(

Poe McNoe said...

I was hoping a hurricane was going to hit the Superdome about midway through the second quarter of the national championship game.

I wanna see LSU try to score 31 points through that. Bitches.