Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pryor to announce Wednesday at Noon

Expect two things to happen.

1) A bunch of people to get really excited over their new prospect.
2) A bunch of other people to begin screaming about how they never really wanted him and he sucks and he's a troublemaker.

Everyone in the media is reporting that it's between Ohio State and Penn State, except for the media that has the word "Detroit" in their titles....they still believe that Michigan will get him (where he'll immediately start at quarterback, wide receiver, tailback and defensive end because nobody else will).

Pryor was expected to announce about 6 weeks ago, but balked at the last minute, stating he wanted to visit Oregon and Penn State. He never visited Oregon, and the only time he even set foot in Happy Valley was to win the state basketball championship, and he didn't get the "official" visit out of that weekend.

Also, since his delay began, he did not return to Michigan's campus. He did go back to Columbus once more though.

Nothing has changed, except the calendar. He'll be in scarlet and gray in about 12 hours.
UPDATE - Apparently Michigan fans need their diapers changed. Rumor has it that this posting is "entirely inaccurate". Let's see about that, shall we? I've given footnotes to the facts here....

- Oregon visit? Nope, Pryor never made it out west*. BBC 1, Anonymous Pussy 0
- Penn State visit? Nope, he never visited Penn State**. BBC 2, Anonymous Pussy 0
- Hasn't returned to Michigan campus since delaying his announcement? Nope, he never went back to Ann Arbor***. BBC 3, Anonymous Pussy 0
- Pryor went to Columbus since his delay? Yes, he did****. BBC 4, Anonymous Pussy 0
- Michigan fans starting the "he sucks anyway" excuse?***** Yep, they started it about 7 hours ago in the mainstream press. BBC 5, Anonymous Pussy 0

That's five points in a row that I win.

Get used to hearing about five in a row. You'll be feeling that pain again in November.

* - Jan. 15, 2008: The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports Pryor schedules a visit to Oregon. Because of scheduling conflicts with basketball, the visit never happens.
** - Pryor delayed his decision on signing day last month because he wanted to take official visits to Oregon and Penn State. Neither of those visits happened.
*** - Pryor was at Ohio State on Feb. 24 — apparently, his only campus trip since his last news conference.
**** - See above referenced article.
***** - Article in the Detroit Free Press entitled "Terrelle Pryor could be a bust like past No. 1s"

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