Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Foregone conclusion

No, it's not just the name of David Brent's band (bonus points to anyone who gets that reference).

The Cleveland Cavaliers never really had a doubt about making the NBA Playoffs this year. But it'll be made official sometime this week. The Cavs stand at 40-31 right now and there's 11 games left in their regular season. If they win two more games, they're in. Their next two games, however, are against a couple of the NBAs best, New Orleans (Wed) and Detroit (Sat). Winning both of those would be a big boost towards post-season confidence, and it would secure late April basketball at The Q.

New Jersey could also make it easier on us. Two losses from the Nets and the Cavs get the playoff berth. They play Indiana twice (Wed and Fri) and then Phoenix on Saturday. By next Monday, we'll have clinched.

And the Chicago Bulls still suck. They're the 11th best team in the East. Ha ha.


Michigan blogs are in panic mode this afternoon. Apparently a couple of offensive linemen are getting ready to quit and/or transfer. Only speculation on names and other specifics, but this has indded been a lot of fun to watch.

Nice job, Rich Rod. You're doing a heckuva job up there.


Oh, and another thing....

In 2006-07, Michigan men's basketball goes 20-11
In 2006-07, West Virginia men's basketball goes 27-9, winning the NIT.

In late March, Michigan fires their Head Coach, Tommy Amaker and hires John Beilein away from West Virginia.

This year, Michigan's record was 9-21. 11 and a half games worse than they were under Amaker.
West Virginia hired Bob Huggins to lead their team. West Virginia is now 26-10 and will play Thursday night in the NCAA's Sweet Sixteen.

Beilein's old team is slightly better than they were with him as their coach.
Beilein's new team sucks a lot more with him as their head coach.

My God, that's hilarious.


Oh, yeah. I forgot. The Buckeyes will play Dayton tomorrow night in Columbus for the chance to go to New Yortk City and the Final Four of the NIT. We crushed Cal last night, but we should have done that. The Flyers are a good but not great team, but they'll be REALLY motivated to try and knock off the giant school in their own state. Should be a good game.


Jason said...

Free Love on the Freelove Freeway!

John MacLean said...

Your analysis of Beilein and Michigan is deficient. Amaker left Michigan with the "cupboard bare." Huggie walked into a situation created by Beilein's recruiting.

Anonymous said...

What Michigan blogs do you typically read for this? Awesome stuff!

Jeff Seemann said...

Jason - once again you astound me with your sense of humor and your knowledge.

John - Gimme a break. The guy gave you 3 20-win seasons in the Big Ten and carried you through an ineligibility season because you got caught buying the only players who ever gave you glory. "Leave the cupboard bare"? Please.

Anon - the funniest blog to watch in their whine-fest moments is MGoBlog.

Jason said...

Love that show. Have you caught any Flight of the Conchords? Murray, reminds me of David Brent a lot.

Jeff Seemann said...

Conchords reminds me of The Office and Tenacious D having a baby....which means it's fucking awesome.