Sunday, March 16, 2008

Terrelle Pryor says no to Michigan

We've been waiting for a long time to hear where superstar quarterback prospect Terrelle Pryor was going to attend college. It was down to two schools (Ohio State and Michigan) as of signing day, but Pryor held off on his announcement and even added two schools to the list (Oregon and Penn State).

If Pryor doesn't announce and sign with a school by April 1st, he's ineligible to play college football in 2008. Obviously, that's not going to happen, but it looked as if Pryor was waiting until the 11th hour to announce.

Until now.

Last night, Pryor's Jennette High School won the PA Class AA state basketball championship. Following the victory, he gave us this tidbit;
"Next week, I’m going to say the school I’m going to, sign it and get it over

One would correctly assume that we'll have our winner by Friday night.

Even better, Pryor whittled his choices down to OSU and PSU. Which means that Michigan Head Coach Rich Rodriguez is already a colossal loser. His "spread offense" that was supposedly "tailored to fit Pryor's style of play" failed to attract the one component that could make it work....Pryor. Nice job, Rich Rod. Enjoy a long lifetime of getting punked by your rivals.

As for Pryor, it's down to two choices; Go with Ohio State and a proven winner, or stay with your hometown at Penn State and be guaranteed a coaching change at some point in your collegiate career. Yeah, I'm biased....but tell me what part of my previous sentence is wrong, if you can.

One last note - if Pryor announces this week, he'd better do it on Tuesday or Wednesday. Otherwise, the kid has a LOT to learn about manipulating the news cycle to his advantage.

-If he announces Monday, he's drowned out by the sports world's excessive discussion of the NCAA Tournament selection....who got in, who got screwed, etc etc etc.
- If he announces Thursday, he's drowned out by a day's worth of first-round tournament action.
- If he announces Friday, ditto.

Do the smart thing, Pryor. Announce on Tuesday afternoon. You'll get more action out of it.

UPDATE - Men Of The Scarlet And Gray reminds me that the "official signing deadline" is indeed April 1st, but it's not a deadline for ineligibility. So why the hell is it a deadline at all? Whateva. Either way, Rich Rod still blows donkey balls for failing miserably, and the Michigan blogs have begun an entire "we didn't want Pryor anyway" excuse. That's what you have to do when you lose 37 out of your 22 starters of a team that lost nearly half their home games, and you're facing a season where you wish for a whole slew of cupcake teams like Appalach-----.....ummmm.....never mind.

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