Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"Bad Day" remix??? YES!

Some of you recognize my video work, especially this classic, called "Texas Had A Bad Day". Around The Oval said it "just about summed it up for Texas and their fans", and MotSAG said I was "just being mean" (but I think they were being sarcastic).

I've seen a number of e-mails come in to my YouTube account, asking for a new version from the Iowa game...and I've told them all what I'll tell you right now.

Yes, I will be doing another "lowlight video" about the OSU/Iowa game. I'm working on it now and it should be up late tonight. A new song will be used too...don't want to get stale and use old material.


Ross Maartin said...

Wonderful news! I was contemplating emailing a request for just such a video.. (love the Texas one by the way). I plan to email links to several of my LOCAL friends who were quite keen on calling me after the game in Iowa City 2 years ago.

Ross Maartin
Class of 1998
The Ohio State University.

Pulaski, Iowa

Eleven Warriors said...

That's fantastic. I posted the video a while ago (Oscar Quality YouTube) but had no idea you were the author/writer/producer/stuntman. Excellent work!

Jeff Seemann said...

Oh, GREAT! I have that kind of a reputation to live up to???

Damn, I'd better work HARD on this one tonight......