Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Iowa Had A Bad Day, Too

As requested, here is my newest YouTube creation.

Am I "just being mean"? Maybe.

Does it "just about sum things up for Iowa and their fans"? Absolutely.

Is it "Oscar-worthy"? But it is another fun creation of mine. I hope you enjoy're the first ones to see it!

Watch "Iowa Had A Bad Day, Too" now!

Yes, there are a few similarities. I mixed in clips of good plays with shots of depressed fans. And I finished with a shot of the final score. And there's a nice slow-motion replay of Little Animal intercepting a pass. But I like the look of it, and I hope you do too.

And thanks for the request on this one. Go Bucks!


1 comment:

AH said...

well done sir. I especially like the clip of Drew Taint clutching his fist and holding his head. He's so "Fiery and Competitive," that his vagina hurts.