Thursday, October 05, 2006

Two pieces of good news.....

Good News #1 - Over 6,000 people viewed "Iowa Had A Bad Day, Too" in just the first day it was posted (numbers combined from MySpace and YouTube). Something like 10 honors for it on YouTube. I was pretty happy with that.

Good News #2 - Remember a few days ago, when I said the following.....
- Indiana - The only drama about this game is whether or not I'll be able to find 2 tickets, so I can take my daughter to her first game the day before she turns 8.
The drama is no longer there....I scored a pair of tickets (at face value) for the game. My daughter will see her first Buckeyes game! A HUGE "thank you" to the thoughtful, generous and beautiful Mary (pictured above, with Steve Buscemi), who managed to get me a pair of her family's season tickets. Seriously, I always had a crush on much do I want to marry her now???

So if anybody's going to be at the Indiana game, drop me a line. I'm taking my little girl (Charlotte) to the Skull Session, then we'll probably wander around the campus for a bit before heading in to the game.

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Anonymous said...

Those bad day videos are great.

Good job raising your daughter the right way!