Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My daughter's big day

UPDATE - I have the tickets in my hand. Section 18-B, Row 6. Seats appear to be on the 35-yard-line!

This Saturday, I will give my daughter her present for her 8th birthday. I'm taking her to see the Ohio State/Indiana game....her very first Ohio State game!

She's very excited (almost as much as her daddy) and has been practicing her "O-H"s wherever she can. The day before the game, my brother is giving her their present (her first Ohio State jersey), so she can show up in style.

We're planning on hitting Skull Session as well, but does anybody else have suggestions on how we can spend our day in Columbus (we should arrive between 830-9am)?? It's been WAY too long since I was a student there, and the memories of how I spent gamedays are a bit....faded. I'm pretty sure the memories were vague the morning after they actually happened, but I could still use the advice.


P.S. Party cloudy and 59 degrees for the game....hell, yeah!


Anonymous said...

Well since she's only 8 yrs. old she might be a little young for beer bongs off the Holiday Inn parking garage or Hiney Gate. If she hasn't had a tour of campus yet, I might suggest a little walking tour of Mirror Lake, Orton Hall etc. Early Brainwashing is permanent brainwashing. Have a great time and GO BUCKEYES!

Anonymous said...

hit the hall of fame cafe, Jeff. You get to drool over all the osu memorabilia out front and she gets to play ski ball in the back!

Sean said...

I gotta agree with both of the above. Hitting up the Oval and Mirror Lake would be kind of neat, but any kid will like the game room in the back of the Hall of Fame Cafe. And all the memorabilia is pretty cool, too. But if it's anything like my first game, just seeing the Horseshoe for the first time would be enough. The thing's huge for everyone, but when you're four feet tall, it's especially large.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:

Jim Borton here - Mary Borton's brother. Just went to last week's game w my 5 yr old and his 2 cousins. There are a few things we had fun with. We skipped skull session Jake to young. We love to see the band when they march over on the main walk. You can stand real close and its bigtime loud especially when the drum section goes by. Also the team does the same walk back into stadium so you can see them up close which the boys thought was really neat. We also walked over near St John's where some tents are setup and found one called OSU legends where former athletes handout picture w autographs. bob atha was good to visit with, there was a few track guys & gal with Jim Karsatos signing with long line. Boys got a real charge out of that. Good Luck. JB

Anonymous said...

Jeff -- this is a MUST! Skip out halfway through skull session (if you go at all) and get between st. johns and the shoe. The cheerleaders come out before the band and she should be able to get her pic taken with Brutus. Every 8-year-old girl's dream date!

Andy said...

I am assuming you are from outside of Columbus. Here's how it goes (and I am considering that you have an eight year old with you - they get tired and aren't as excited as us grown ups are about the Buckeyes). You should park on west campus. Dodge the traffic and weasel your way to the Lane Ave exit off of 315 (coming from the North). Park the car and toss the nerf ball around with her on a piece of grass for a bit. Head over to the bus area to get transportation over to near the stadium. Walk over near St. John's. Get something to eat on Lane Ave like a gyro. Sit on the curb outside the Varsity Club and eat it. Do that Skull Session thing. Here is where I am a real expert... after the game, take the bus back to west campus the same place it dropped you off (OSU has this down to a science). The bridge over the river will be crowded but maybe not if the game is a real blow-out. When you get to your car, exit onto Lane ave, but don't go right towards the highway, stay left (west - so remember that the stadium goes N & S for reference purposes) and go towards the Lane Ave. Mall. Hit China Dynasty for dinner and take your time eating while traffic dies down. Take her across the street to Graeter's for dessert. Bring a cooler and take home a few pints for the rest of your family (trust me, this is a good idea). Drive home safely... and Go Bucks!