Sunday, October 08, 2006

We're in Calumet, Oklahoma!!!!!

That's right, the Ohio State Buckeyes are currently sitting pretty in the fine little town of Calumet, Oklahoma! Calumet's total size is only 1.3 square miles, and their population is 535 people, but ALL that's increased for the next six days, as Ohio State has taken up residence there.

OK, enough of this stupidity. Here's what I'm trying to say.....

- Ohio State is 6-0.
- That's halfway through their season's goal of 12-0.
- Glendale, Arizona is the home of the BCS National Championship Game.
- Glendale, Arizona is 1,920 miles away from Columbus, Ohio.
- Calumet, Oklahoma is 960 miles from Columbus, Ohio.
- If you were on a quest to get to Glendale, Arizona from Columbus, Ohio, and you wanted to know when you were halfway there, you'd know it when you hit the small town of Calumet, Oklahoma.

There. That was the longest possible way to say "Ohio State is halfway to the BCS National Championship Game." Make sure you tell your friends how wonderful it is to be here.

This concludes the stupidest post I have written at The BBC.

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