Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Two items....

Two items I'd like to point out, I hope you'll find them both interesting.....

1) Blogger keeps dying, making it very hard for me to post new articles. Any website with "blogspot.com" in the URL (like my site) might give you trouble loading for the next week or so. There's a LOT of traffic going through there, primarily due to a very intense political election coming up in 7 days. Expect the traffic to slow down after next Tuesday, and all Blogger sites to run a little smoother after that. I'll keep posting stuff, but it'll take a little longer for me to succeed.

2) Apparently, Michigan and Texas fans have found my collection of Buckeye videos on YouTube. There's been a wave of trolls bashing the Buckeyes on nearly every one of my videos. As the creator, I have the ability to delete any comment I choose, so I've been removing anything anti-OSU, but I just knocked about 20 comments off when I woke up this morning.

It is nice to know that the Buckeyes scare people so badly that they have to attack surrogates in order to quell their fears......

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Domination, 4-for-4, and some cool stats

First of all, we completely dominated today's game. That much is obvious.

Had you told me that Ginn and Gonzalez would only have three catches each and we'd turn it over three times (twice in our own territory), I would have NEVER guessed a 44-0 final score.

Ohio State and Michigan have now played four common opponents, and Ohio State clearly has won those four games more impressively than Michigan did.

Against Minnesota, Ohio State won 44-0, Michigan won 28-14. Both teams racked up around 500 yards, but Michigan allowed 150 yards MORE on defense than the Buckeyes did. Also, that "vaunted" UM rush D??? Minny ran for 108 against UM, and ran for 47 against the Buckeyes.

Finally, some very cool stats that have me beaming tonight;

- Ohio State has scored 88 consecutive points.
- That's OVER three TOUCHDOWNS more than they have allowed all season.
- Ohio State has allowed one TD in their last 13 quarters, and that was in garbage time against MSU.
- Ohio State has now played 36 quarters of football this season. They have failed to score in only four of them.
- The Bucks have won their first 9 games by 17 points or more, the first time that has happened since 1973. They have NEVER done it in their first 10 games (hat tip - MotSaG)

Game number 9!

First, a couple of quick announcements....

-No third video this week. I had to make a choice last night on what to do with my evening. I chose playing board games with my daughter (and my friend Janessa), and decided that two videos was enough for the week.

-I actually got a full night's sleep last night...first time that's happened on the night before a game in over a year.

-Yet another team from Michigan choked on the big game. Everyone expected the Tigers to roll over the Cardinals. Instead, they just rolled over. Just like last year's Pistons. And the Pistons the year before that. And the Wolverines in their Bowl game in 2005. And the Wolverines in their Bowl game in 2004. And the Wolverines in their Bowl game in 2003. And the Wolverines against Ohio State in 2005. And the Wolverines against Ohio State in 2004.

By now, everybody knows what to expect in today's Homecoming game against Minnesota. The Golden Gophers are NOT a good team, and the Buckeyes should dominate again today. I prefer to take a look deeper into teams, rather just just quote how many yards they average and leave it at that. Here's a few facts that will leave you smiling before the Bucks take the field.

-Minnesota has three wins on the year. One is against a team ranked in the Bottom 10 (0-8 Temple). One is against a Division 1-AA school (ND State, a one-point victory). One is against Kent State.
-In Big Ten play, Minnesota has allowed 32.75 points per game.
-They are ranked #96 in the NCAA in rush defense (Ball State actually has a better run defense at #94)
-They are tied for #86 in the NCAA against the pass. They are tied with Indiana....the team that allowed Troy Smith to throw for 4 TDs in a half last week.

Our offense, provided JT has prepared them properly (I know, I know) will have no trouble at all. The Buckeyes could tag another 40 on the board if they play well.

The defense will need to buckle down. Minnesota has already played 4 of the top 5 Big Ten teams, and they have averaged over 18 points per game. Today they meet the Big Ten's best team, and we MUST beat them by more than Michigan did.

If we can beat Minny more impressively than Michigan did, then we will have won the "battle of comparisons" over the Blue in all four games. The Blue didn't put Iowa away until 4 minutes remained. Penn State had the ball, down by 7 with less than 2 minutes to play. And Michigan State, while the respective scores were clearly in favor of Ohio State, take a look at yardage gained....OSU/MSU, 421-198....Michigan/MSU, 351-312.

Go make it four-for-four, Buckeyes.

My prediction
Ohio State 42
Minnesota 10

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The first...and SECOND...of three new videos are here!!!

As promised earlier today, I have begun processing three new Ohio State highlight videos. The first one is now complete, and is a Troy Smith tribute.

Watch "Nobody Does It Better" at YouTube.com!
Watch "Nobody Does It Better" at MySpace.com!

And now, here is the SECOND new video, just finished this morning!

Watch "Boom!" at YouTube.com!

The final video should be ready by Saturday morning. Pray that it gets done in time, as time is running short!

Enjoy, and please leave a few comments. A guy needs a little validation, you know?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Message to Michigan WR Adrian Arrington

First, from a recent article describing Adrian Arrington's criminal behavior a couple of weeks ago....

In an incident that occurred at about 2:49 a.m. Oct. 13, Hupe told police that she picked up Arrington, 20, from a bar in Ypsilanti. Because he was drunk, she said, she wanted to take him home with her.

He refused and they started arguing. Once the car was parked behind her apartment, Arrington left the car and they started yelling. Then he walked to her side of the car, banged on the window and she opened the door.

That led to a fight over the keys. According to the report, Arrington grabbed the keys, Hupe locked the door, Arrington unlocked the door and then pulled her out of the car by her wrists before he drove away in the vehicle. Hupe called 911 after that, reaching the Ypsilanti police.

Now, a message to Arrington from all of us in Buckeye Nation.....

When you are playing in Columbus on November 18th (because, who are we kidding, you KNOW you won't be suspended for that game), there will come a time when your team has the ball on third down. You will be on the field as a wide reciever and you may notice something in the stands of Ohio Stadium.

People will be holding their keys and rattling them. This is symbolic of it being a "key play."

Please do not go into the stands and beat up the women who are holding keys. They are not trying to prevent you from driving drunk. They are merely cheering for their team. They do not deserve to be domestically abused.

This has been a public service message from The BBC. Thank you.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lllloyd Carr skirts the rules of decency, loses

I've gotta be honest, I am JUST NOW hearing about this....but apparently, there's a little bit of drama and a whole lot of "what, I didn't see anything" coming out of Ann Arbor, Michigan these days.

MotSaG has the story down in a nice summary, but here's a quick lowdown;

WR Adrian Arrington was drinking and driving and apparently beat his girlfriend the night before UM played Penn State. 9/11 call from the girl is made public. Carr lets his WR play, presumably because the Blue are VERY thin at WR. During the week of Iowa, Carr decides that his player will stay on the team because he doesn't necessarily believe the story. Against Iowa, the Blue are still thin at WR, and Arrington plays anyway.

NOW, the Blue have a very weak schedule, where being thin at WR isn't as bad of a dilemma. Who wants to wager that Carr suspends Arrington now???

MotSag sums it up best when he compares it to Mack Brown at Texas. Brown suspended his players, knowing that it would hurt his team but send the right message about following the rules. Brown was rightfully praised for this decision, as he knew that consequences come with poor behavior at Texas. But Lllloyd looked the other way JUUUUUUST long enough to get through a tough schedule of PSU and Iowa.

I don't know about you, but that's fishy to me. Let's hope karma bites Lllloyd in the ass over this one. Jim Tressel may have had his share of bad times from players, but he ALWAYS gave them the discipline right away. The two best players he has seen in his tenure had troubles. Clarett was suspended right away and never saw his uniform again, and he sat Troy Smith out for a bowl game, and it indirectly led to the Texas loss last year. Hell, the guy even suspended his STARTING QUARTERBACK for the freaking MICHIGAN game for something that happened more than a week before.

Carr, you're going to get what you deserve over this. Karma doesn't play kindly to people like you. I wouldn't be surprised if it bit you in a way you never saw coming.

Monday, October 23, 2006

"Are we 11-0 already?", updated.....

Three weeks ago, I asked the question "Are we 11-0 already?". At the time, we were actually 5-0, but were facing a string of 6 consecutive weak opponents.

I took criticism and praise for suggesting this. Around The Oval agreed with me immediately, while personal friends claimed I was tempting fate and daring it to strike back in the form of Michigan State's 1998 defeat of the then-#1 Bucks.

I'd like to look back at that prognostication and see how I fared so far....
- Bowling Green - The Falcons are 3-2, but two of their wins came against teams ESPN had in their "Bottom 10". And here's two facts that will allow you to breathe easy this weeks - BG's defense allows 30 points per game, and they lost to Kent State by a score of 38-3. This one's going to be a walk in the park.
We blew out BGSU 35-7 to nobody's surprise. We actually didn't beat the 35-point spread, but it didn't take a rocket scientist to call this game.
- Michigan State - OK, now I was a little bit worried about this game, until I saw them collapse against Notre Dame and then actually lose to Illinois. Now they seem like the bottom-half team they usually are. Wins against Idaho and Eastern Michigan now appear to be their backbone to 6 wins and getting into a bowl, and that doesn't scare me. Drew Stanton is their biggest weapon, and I'm no longer afraid of QBs named Drew. It'll be a tough game for about a half, if MSU can play on emotion. After that, if they're still around, John L. Smith will find a way to lose.
Granted, MSU made it easy to predict against them after the ND and Illinois losses, but the prospect of a road game against a team with the capability to win was slightly scary. I expected to win, but I thought MSU would make a game of it. This one was over by halftime, though.
- Indiana - The only drama about this game is whether or not I'll be able to find 2 tickets, so I can take my daughter to her first game the day before she turns 8. Whatever the point spread is, take the Buckeyes.
Long story short, I found tickets, took my daughter, and she now believes that Ohio State destroys everybody because that is all she has witnessed in her whole life. Oh, and the point spread was 31, so I hope you took it.

A quick statistical look at the previous three games:

-Ohio State has scored 39 points per game.
-Ohio State has allowed 5.7 points per game.
-Ohio State has allowed 249 yards rushing combined (21 less than we rushed for against IU alone)
-Troy Smith has 9 TDs and 0 INTs
-Ohio State has turned the ball over only twice.

Now, you may say that these games are against inferior competition. Well, when you are #1 and you play inferior opponents, THESE are the numbers you SHOULD have. We are doing the things we SHOULD be doing. Beating the good teams and slaughtering the weak ones. We do have strong teams on the schedule and nobody has yet been within 17 points at game's end.

By the way, we have scored 30+ points in 12 of our last 15 games. Under Jim Tressel, Ohio State has NEVER lost when scoring 30 or more points.

Good reading....

I'm not one to get too excited over losing two #1 votes to WVA. We are a solid #1 and the only way we can lose that is to lose a game. With that in mind, I'm not going to attack the two people who have voted WVA #1 in the AP poll.

But you can!

Check out the comments on this guy's blog (who happens to be one of the two voters in the AP poll).....


Not too many people showing him love on his own site.....

But then again, he is dumb enough to put WVA #1, Texas ahead of USC, and Georgia at #16.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Gameday observations

<-----This is us in our seats yesterday

Usually, I avoid discussion on how we looked after the fact, but since SO many of you were unable to watch the Ohio State/Indiana game, I'll give my personal opinion from my seat in 18-B.

The first two possessions sucked ass. Awful on every count. Troy missed his first four passes (and they were bad throws, not dropped). We only ran it off-tackle. We couldn't tackle on defense. We even had poor punt coverage. But then we woke up and dominated the rest of the way. As a matter of fact, you could pinpoint the exact moment when Indiana knew they were mismatched. They started dropping passes, running scared, flailing at blocks.

Troy Smith, after hitting the snooze button a few times too many, had another Heisman moment. I'm sure you'll see the highlight, but his second TD of the day was simply glorious. If this guy doesn't get the trophy, they should burn the Downtown Athletic Club to the ground. You can't see it on the replay, but had he tucked the ball and ran around end, he had 15-20 yards of grass in front of him. But he saw something else and threw to the corner where only Teddy could go.

Of course, everyone will talk about Teddy's TD throw. Somebody sitting behind me wondered why they ran that play when they were already leading by 25 points. The answer is simple.....it gives Michigan something else to lose sleep over. Everybody who understands college football knows that Ginn used to be a QB. We just reminded the Wolverines that he still IS a QB.

By the way, I know it's going to be hard to believe, but Ginn didn't get enough play today. He drew single coverage ALL DAY. We counted at least 20 plays that he had one man on him with no safety nearby. The problem with that was that every other receiver was wide open all day, and Troy simply played eenie-meenie-miney-mo (or however the hell you spell that).

Also, unless you get to see the entire game, you'll never know just how hard the defense was unloading on Indiana. At least four plays could make one of my highlight videos, simply because of the viciousness of the hit involved.

Hidden within the stats....Indiana was still in negative rushing yards until 10 minutes remained in the game. For the game, Ohio State had FOUR rushers who EACH had five times as many rushing yards as the entire Indiana team.

Now, as for Charlotte in her very first Buckeye game....damn, I'm impressed with that kid. She concentrated on the game, asked the right questions, WANTED to stay and watch Tressel lead the team in "Carmen, Ohio", and as a bonus, when I asked her what time it was, she said "2:14 and Michigan still sucks."

Is there any wonder why I love her so much???

Friday, October 20, 2006

Sleepless night? Not tonight!!!

Normally, I'm sleepless on the night before a game. Not tonight!!! I have to leave at 6am to get to Columbus.

Me and Ambien...we're good friends tonight. See you at the Shoe.

My latest video

As promised, I have just posted a new compilation video, called "Buckeye Medley".

I sometimes have problems coming up with the perfect song to use in my videos....I mean, it's gotta be PERFECT. Not too many songs have that quality from start to finish, but plenty have lines or verses that work with what I want to do. So I compromised this time, I made a video using pieces of songs in a medley format. I'm sure you'll appreciate it, especially the Pulp Fiction reference and the Duran Duran/Michigan joke. Texas fans and Iowa fans who thought I'd leave them alone....you'll be disappointed.

So I invite you, dear readers, to watch "Buckeye Medley" on YouTube right now!

Oh, and by the way...the Santonio Holmes clip at the beginning....I'm particularly proud of that little display of timing.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Three things.....

OK, avid readers. There's three things I've gotta address. Just to clear the air so I don't have to write a ton of e-mails to people who ask.

1) Yes, I know there is a TV network from England called "The BBC". It's why I named my blog as such....I happen to like that television network ("Coupling" and the original "The Office" were two of the best shows of all time), and I felt that the twist was a bit clever.

2) I know that a lot of you expect one of two things from my site; either good insight on the upcoming game, or another Buckeye highlight video. First of all, I don't have a whole lot to say....it's Indiana. You want insight? We're gonna beat them. Badly. And our computer rankings will suffer because of it, but we'll still be #1 in the BCS next week. As for the video, expect a new one on Friday.

3) I am overwhelmed and grateful for all of the comments I got on my request for things to take my daughter to this weekend (other than the game). Thank you to everybody, especially from Jim Borton, who has apparently been a reader since the first couple of days. Hopefully I'll get to meet you someday....and perhaps you can convince your sister Mary that she needs to settle down with a nice guy who cares for her very much. Someone who's a big Buckeyes fan. Who makes his own highlight videos. And has his own blog.

I'm just sayin'.......

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My daughter's big day

UPDATE - I have the tickets in my hand. Section 18-B, Row 6. Seats appear to be on the 35-yard-line!

This Saturday, I will give my daughter her present for her 8th birthday. I'm taking her to see the Ohio State/Indiana game....her very first Ohio State game!

She's very excited (almost as much as her daddy) and has been practicing her "O-H"s wherever she can. The day before the game, my brother is giving her their present (her first Ohio State jersey), so she can show up in style.

We're planning on hitting Skull Session as well, but does anybody else have suggestions on how we can spend our day in Columbus (we should arrive between 830-9am)?? It's been WAY too long since I was a student there, and the memories of how I spent gamedays are a bit....faded. I'm pretty sure the memories were vague the morning after they actually happened, but I could still use the advice.


P.S. Party cloudy and 59 degrees for the game....hell, yeah!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Time to start making Ohio State/Michigan comparisons

Michigan State's out of the way. Four lightweights in front of us. The next test is Michigan.

In my opinion (and about half the country's as well), these two teams are on a collision course to be #1 and #2 on November 18th. I watched ABC tonight and heard about the overpowering defense of Michigan and listened as they talked about how UM "could be the best team in the country". But I also heard them talk about "who should be #2", which says that there is NO discussion over #1, it's a foregone conclusion.

However, we now have two games to start comparing Ohio State to Michigan. Both have played Penn State and both have played Michigan State. So let's get down to it, shall we??? Yes, I've cherry-picked a few stats favorable to the Buckeyes to start.

-Michigan TDs scored against MSU, PSU - 6
-Ohio State TDs scored against MSU, PSU - 9

-MSU, PSU TDs allowed by Michigan - 3
-MSU, PSU TDs allowed by Ohio State - 1

-Margin of victory for Michigan - 12.5
-Margin of victory for Ohio State - 26.5

The Buckeyes are dominating these three, clearly. There's also a few stats that are AMAZINGLY close!

-Ohio State rushing against MSU/PSU - 324 yards
-Michigan rushing against MSU/PSU - 327 yards

-Ohio State passing against MSU/PSU - 345 yards
-Michigan passing against MSU/PSU - 336 yards

But when you get down to a few more in-depth stats, you see where the battle will unfold. It's in the DEFENSIVE passing game vs. DEFENSIVE running game.

-MSU/PSU rushing yards allowed by Ohio State - 102 per game
-MSU/PSU rushing yards allowed by Michigan - 23 per game

-MSU/PSU passing yards allowed by Ohio State - 120 per game
-MSU/PSU passing yards allowed by Michigan - 229 per game

So there it is. Michigan stops the run, but gives up a lot of passing yards. Ohio State stops the pass, but allows a lot of rushing yards. Now you look at each teams weapons and the picture gets clearer.

Mike Hart will get his yards, but Chad Henne will not. Troy Smith will get his yards, but Antonio Pittman will not.

Which means that Michigan will be relying on Mike Hart and Ohio State will be relying on Troy Smith.

I like those odds.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Another sleepless night before a game

As my loyal readers know, I usually can't sleep before a Buckeyes game. This will prove to be a problem next week, when my daughter and I will have to wake up at 6am to head to Columbus to see the Indiana game....but that's next week.

So I'm preparing to be up late tonight. I'll probably spend some time trying to create a better quality version of "Buckeye Battle Cry", one of my first YouTube videos. but in the meantime, here's my thoughts on the Michigan State game tomorrow.

It'll take a quarter to get rolling, but the Buckeyes will win big in this game. My prediction is that it's going to be John L. Smith's final game as the Spartans' Head Coach. He's become the John Cooper of the State Up North. And that's saying A LOT when you consider that Lllloyd Carr has made a habit of losing to his biggest rival this century.

Michigan State's biggest strength is their offense. And they are hurting there....badly. Nearly half of their rushing yardage will be sitting on the bench, in the form of an injured Javon Ringer. One-fourth of their receptions will be sitting on the bench, in the form of an injured Matt Trannon.

That leaves Drew Stanton as their biggest (and only) weapon. And that's not going to cut it against the #1 scoring defense in the NCAA.

On the other side of the ball....well, Michigan State's defense is awful. They give up 26 points per game. As a matter of fact, their BEST game of the year was when they allowed 17 points....to Idaho. Yes, Idaho. By the way, Idaho had the ball near midfield with a chance to tie and only 4 minutes left in the game. Again, that was Michigan State's BEST game of the year.

So, when you add all this up, you can see that I am now willing to admit that I was overestimating the Spartans when I circled this game on my schedule as a dangerous day. It's not, and the Buckeyes will romp tomorrow.

Ohio State 38
Mich State 10

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Shocker of the week

The most shocking thing I have read all week.....

Notre Dame DE Talley leaves team
SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Notre Dame defensive end Ronald Talley has decided to leave the football team after starting four games this season.

The school said Thursday the decision was mutually agreed upon.

Ninth-ranked Notre Dame is off this week and next plays Oct. 21 against UCLA.

In six games, Talley, a 6-foot-4, 262-pound junior from Detroit, had 11 tackles. Chris Frome, who started the other two games at right defensive end, had 12 tackles, five of them solo.

Now, I'm not shocked at his leaving the team.

What shocks me is that I had NO IDEA that Notre Dame had defensive players.

Me and Bobby Olive

Bobby Olive was a wide receiver for the Buckeyes from 1988-1991. Freshman year, he got his shot after making the team as a walk-on (he was recruited by Earle Bruce, then had to fight for his spot under John Cooper). Made two HUGE catches for OSU....caught the game-winning TD against LSU in 1988 when we were down 13 points with 2 minutes to play, and caught the game-winning TD at Iowa with one second left on the clock in 1991.

He spent 5 years in the NFL and now is the head coach of the Canton Legends, an arena football team in Canton, Ohio.

Yesterday, I got the chance to talk to him about this year's Buckeyes and what he sees in the near future.

His comments about Michigan State were pure Scarlet and Gray. He doesn't see a snowball's chance in hell for the Spartans, and when I asked about the historical factor of 1998, he scoffed. He blamed that entire defeat on John Cooper. Cooper called off the dogs and relaxed, and it cost the Buckeyes a National Championship that day.

"No way will Tressel ever let that happen to one of his teams," were his exact words. He also made it clear to me that Cooper didn't understand the Big Ten and he certainly didn't understand Michigan.

Now, we all know that as fans of the Buckeyes....but isn't it comforting to know that the players know it too???

Monday, October 09, 2006

My latest video...."6 and 0"

Just put up my latest video on YouTube. It's a recap of the season so far.

Watch "6 and 0" now!

Hope you like it. It doesn't have the humor of my Bad Day series, but it's a nice highlight reel of the 2006 season so far....

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Michigan State

Just thought of this one and I think it's worth posting....

What do the National Guard and the Michigan State Football team have in common?

If they show up one weekend a month, they've fulfilled their commitment.

We're in Calumet, Oklahoma!!!!!

That's right, the Ohio State Buckeyes are currently sitting pretty in the fine little town of Calumet, Oklahoma! Calumet's total size is only 1.3 square miles, and their population is 535 people, but ALL that's increased for the next six days, as Ohio State has taken up residence there.

OK, enough of this stupidity. Here's what I'm trying to say.....

- Ohio State is 6-0.
- That's halfway through their season's goal of 12-0.
- Glendale, Arizona is the home of the BCS National Championship Game.
- Glendale, Arizona is 1,920 miles away from Columbus, Ohio.
- Calumet, Oklahoma is 960 miles from Columbus, Ohio.
- If you were on a quest to get to Glendale, Arizona from Columbus, Ohio, and you wanted to know when you were halfway there, you'd know it when you hit the small town of Calumet, Oklahoma.

There. That was the longest possible way to say "Ohio State is halfway to the BCS National Championship Game." Make sure you tell your friends how wonderful it is to be here.

This concludes the stupidest post I have written at The BBC.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Almost Famous

About 3 and a half hours from kickoff today. It's been a good day so far, and I don't expect the happiness to decrease.

Here's the coolest thing that could have happened today (at least for me)....

Doug Lesmerises of the Cleveland Plain Dealer did a brief story on my "Bad Day" videos! So far, it's working...I've noticed that I'm pulling in a ton of hits since the story hit this morning. However, he didn't mention my name. Still, he wants to revisit the videos (and other compilations I did) in a later story. So until then, I guess I'm "almost famous".

Here's hoping he saves it for Michigan Week, because I already have a 10-minute video up about how "Ohio State OWNS Michigan"....and I plan to re-do that video and make it even better before The Game.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Two pieces of good news.....

Good News #1 - Over 6,000 people viewed "Iowa Had A Bad Day, Too" in just the first day it was posted (numbers combined from MySpace and YouTube). Something like 10 honors for it on YouTube. I was pretty happy with that.

Good News #2 - Remember a few days ago, when I said the following.....
- Indiana - The only drama about this game is whether or not I'll be able to find 2 tickets, so I can take my daughter to her first game the day before she turns 8.
The drama is no longer there....I scored a pair of tickets (at face value) for the game. My daughter will see her first Buckeyes game! A HUGE "thank you" to the thoughtful, generous and beautiful Mary (pictured above, with Steve Buscemi), who managed to get me a pair of her family's season tickets. Seriously, I always had a crush on her....how much do I want to marry her now???

So if anybody's going to be at the Indiana game, drop me a line. I'm taking my little girl (Charlotte) to the Skull Session, then we'll probably wander around the campus for a bit before heading in to the game.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Iowa Had A Bad Day, Too

As requested, here is my newest YouTube creation.

Am I "just being mean"? Maybe.

Does it "just about sum things up for Iowa and their fans"? Absolutely.

Is it "Oscar-worthy"? Wellll....no. But it is another fun creation of mine. I hope you enjoy it....you're the first ones to see it!

Watch "Iowa Had A Bad Day, Too" now!

Yes, there are a few similarities. I mixed in clips of good plays with shots of depressed fans. And I finished with a shot of the final score. And there's a nice slow-motion replay of Little Animal intercepting a pass. But I like the look of it, and I hope you do too.

And thanks for the request on this one. Go Bucks!


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"Bad Day" remix??? YES!

Some of you recognize my video work, especially this classic, called "Texas Had A Bad Day". Around The Oval said it "just about summed it up for Texas and their fans", and MotSAG said I was "just being mean" (but I think they were being sarcastic).

I've seen a number of e-mails come in to my YouTube account, asking for a new version from the Iowa game...and I've told them all what I'll tell you right now.

Yes, I will be doing another "lowlight video" about the OSU/Iowa game. I'm working on it now and it should be up late tonight. A new song will be used too...don't want to get stale and use old material.

Are we 11-0 already???

I said it in my last post, but now I'd like to discuss it....can we consider ourselves 11-0 right now?

At the beginning of the season, I marked down three games as our most difficult of the season....Texas, Iowa, and Michigan. We've won two of those games already (in VERY convincing fashion), and the final game will come during Week 12 on November 18th.

Technically and realistically, we're 5-0 right now. But let's look at the next 6 opponents;

- Bowling Green - The Falcons are 3-2, but two of their wins came against teams ESPN had in their "Bottom 10". And here's two facts that will allow you to breathe easy this weeks - BG's defense allows 30 points per game, and they lost to Kent State by a score of 38-3. This one's going to be a walk in the park.

- Michigan State - OK, now I was a little bit worried about this game, until I saw them collapse against Notre Dame and then actually lose to Illinois. Now they seem like the bottom-half team they usually are. Wins against Idaho and Eastern Michigan now appear to be their backbone to 6 wins and getting into a bowl, and that doesn't scare me. Drew Stanton is their biggest weapon, and I'm no longer afraid of QBs named Drew. It'll be a tough game for about a half, if MSU can play on emotion. After that, if they're still around, John L. Smith will find a way to lose.

- Indiana - The only drama about this game is whether or not I'll be able to find 2 tickets, so I can take my daughter to her first game the day before she turns 8. Whatever the point spread is, take the Buckeyes.

- Minnesota - A decent offense, but against who? Winning by a combined score of 106-0 against Kent State and Temple was impressive, but getting stomped by Cal, Michigan and Purdue suggests they aren't ready for the big boys. They won't be again and the Buckeyes should romp.

- Illinois - We're not Michigan State, and Illinois probably won't win another game this year, unless they upset Indiana.

- Northwestern - The ONLY question about this game is "Will NW fans behave like Iowa fans and believe that they'll win this game because they won 2 years ago?" The answer is "no, because only smart people can get into Northwestern." Expect to see a LOT of scarlet in the stands at Ryan Field and expect to see a LOT of substitutions as Tressel gets his team rested for Michigan.

Judge for yourself. Do ANY of the above 6 teams look like they can knock off the #1 Buckeyes? Sorry, I just can't see it at all. And if I'm right, that makes us 11-0 heading into The Game.

The only remaining factor, I've discussed before....every team has a bulls-eye on us now. Will the emotion and drama coming from the opposing sideline be able to stand up long enough to give us the need for heart medication like it did in 2002? Can't predict that one, but I will make one bold prediction.

We will be 11-0 when Michigan comes to town. How we play between now and then is crucial. While I am taking a few long sighs of relief, our boys better not, or 12-0 is in serious danger.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Complete and total domination

Seriously, THAT was the #13 team in the NCAA? They looked like they were foundering on every drive except two (it seems like our boys give up 2 good drives a game...out of 11-14, I'll take it!).

While a lot of Buckeye blogs are hyping up Gonzo's catch-and-run-and-run-the-wrong-way -and-run-and-how-the-hell-did-he-score, I've got to say the most amazing play of the night was Robiskie's TD. Did you see how tight that was??? Could ANY other QB in the NCAA make that throw?

I'll have more tomorrow, but I've just gotta say....that was the game that will scare the hell out of every other team in the show.

Mark it down...we're already 11-0. I just can't see how any of the next 6 teams has a prayer at us.