Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Big Ten Network - you have three choices

With ten days left before college football begins, the Big Ten Network is looking more and more like a complete disaster. There is no contract with Time Warner Cable, and both parties are claiming the other side is to blame. Even if a contract was finalized today, I think it's too late to get the word out to the public in time for the game to get shown in every house that wants to see Opening Day.

The only widespread system that currently has a signed deal with the BTN is DirecTV.

This means that DirecTV subscribers are going to get a bevy of calls from their friends, asking if they can "stop by" for a four-hour visit next weekend.

Everybody else, you have three choices if you want to see Ohio State's first game of the 2007 season. You can.....

1) Get DirecTV
2) Find a restaurant or a bar that carries DirecTV (but first, call them and ask if they signed up for the BTN)
3) Go fuck yourself

I've got my place lined up to watch the game. Damon's Grill signed up for the BTN, and they've got massive screens to show it on. Find a Damon's near you here, and get there early enough to secure a booth for the game.

Oh, and pray it doesn't rain hard that day....the signal goes out if it rains too hard.

Thanks, Big Ten! Great setup you've got here!


Hermano said...

Actually, I've heard that Time Warner is going to have a "free preview" of the Big Ten Network for the YSU game. So, we're all saved.

On a side note, does BTN come with the normal package for DirecTV? I don't think anyone knows!

Jeff Seemann said...

Hermano - the "free preview" has been killed. Neither side will say why, but the conventional wisdom is that the BTN has no reason to provide it...after all, they aren't losing customers, Time Warner is.

DirecTV's normal package doesn't include it, but it's a relatively cheap addition....something like a buck a month, I'm told.

Hermano said...

Cool, thanks for the update.

And I agree, it's hard to tell one gay Michigan QB from another. Their purses look the same too.

Jeff Seemann said...

No problem.

Oh, and by the way....that purse is apparently "a duffel bag".

At least this Michigan fan says so...

If so, it's the gayest duffel bag ever.

Hermano said...

Well isn't that something. When I carry a duffel bag, it's not over my shoulder like a purse.

But, what do I know, I'm not from Michigan.