Monday, August 27, 2007

Mid-day break, time to post!

News regarding The BBC

- For anyone who's visited here before, you can clearly see that I changed the template for The BBC today. I think this looks a little more professional, and I like the layout very much. gives a lot of options and I like it, but I wish it were better. So, until I'm able to create and maintain my own url (like those lucky bastards at MotSag and Eleven Warriors), I'll stick with this template.

New Friends

I quietly put up a new addition to the blogroll last week, and now it's time to tell you a little bit about it. Rick and John run Halftime Adjustments and they run a wonderful site....actually, they run a blog that is exactly what I want The BBC to become. Frequent updates and brilliant commentary are the order of the day, and it's all very impressive. They've only been around for about 2 months, and they could use a little love. Go check them out and leave comments.

Brady Quinn - should he start Week 1? Hell, no.

I'm VERY impressed with what I've seen from Brady thus far. He went 13-20 with 2 TDs in his first game, and four of those misses were spikes to stop the clock. Then he cut up the Denver defense for another TD (and a second almost-TD on an amazing pass, and I still believe Joe Jurevicius got his second foot down). He's looking GREAT right now, and he's almost ready.


Quinn has shown that he will be the future QB of this team, but let's not rush it.

In 1985, the Browns drafted Miami quarterback Bernie Kosar. Hailed immediately as the savior to the Browns, Kosar sat the bench behind Gary Danielson. The plan was to gradually give Kosar more and more game time, and Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer was closing his ears to the fans' calls for Bernie. Then Schottenheimer was given no choice. Danielson was injured in the fifth game of the '85 season, and it became "Bernie Ball". Kosar won his first game at Houston, then lost four games in a row as he furiously tried to learn the NFL system. Kosar, for all his ineptness at television broadcasting, is one of the smartest NFL minds...and he struggled mightily. It was the strength of his teammates that carried him for the first season, and those two banded together for successful runs in 1986 and beyond.

Brady Quinn has the brain-power and he has the talent, but he does NOT have the supporting cast. Give him more time to develop, because if you throw him in there too soon, he will not have the success that Kosar graced us with.

Be patient, Browns fans. Quinn is the future of the team...let's not rush to get there too fast, though.


Jason said...

Looks good, Jeff. I like it. Once small tip would maybe be to markup your links in the post body somehow so they stand out (and people know they're things that can be clicked on).

Right now they are black just like the rest of the text. If you don't feel like changing the color, you could underline the text, give it a different background, etc.

Other than that, it looks pretty fresh.

rick grayshock said...

(sniffs) thanks man...I..I..just want to thank the little people that made this possible...