Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Is the Big Ten Network filled with retards?

Most people will read the above question and say yes. But that answer will come quickly, based on the single fact that the BTN is the exclusive broadcast outlet for many Ohio State games, and doesn't have a contract with any cable provider....17 days before the season begins.

But now comes proof that the Big Ten Network may indeed be operating without the proverbial "full deck of cards".

Read the following article for all the new details - Campus Cable Channel To Carry Big Ten Network

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Some Ohio State football games will be available to more fans in central Ohio after the Big Ten Network reached a deal with Ohio State University.

OSU will carry the network on its campus cable channel when it launches at the end of August.

The immediate reaction is that this is a good thing....until you think about it.

The first cable contract the BTN has provided in August went to Ohio State students on the local campus cable network. What this basically means is that now the games will all be seen on TV by Ohio State students....who also get offered season-tickets to the actual games during orientation 101.

Way to go, Big Ten Network. You just signed a contract to show games on TV to a group of people who will NEVER watch them on TV, because they'll be AT THE FRIGGING GAME!

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