Thursday, August 30, 2007

Open thread

A few things to discuss.....

Cleveland Indians

- Tonight I'm flipping channels all night long, but right now I've got the Cleveland Indians/Seattle Mariners game on. This is the final make-up game from the four-day snow-out series in early April. Looks like there's about 400 fans on hand.

- As of this moment, the Indians Magic Number is 27, and they have a below-average schedule the rest of the way (opponents have a combined .489 win percentage). This is a team with their destiny in their own hands. If they go a mere 17-13 the rest of the way, Detroit would have to go 21-7 down the stretch just to tie it up....and since Detroit is 1-8-3 in their last 12 series, I'm doubting they can pull it off)

Cleveland Browns

I HATE the final pre-season game of the year. I look at in one way....don't get hurt, guys. Play hard, but get 'em out of there quickly tonight, Romeo. Play a lot of your bubble boys and see if there's another Josh Cribbs on the team.

But I do hope Quinn gets a little game time and lights it up again.

College football begins!

- I can't see how LSU doesn't take full advantage of the big stage tonight, and they will show the country that they deserve the #1 slot that they didn't get. Two years ago this week, they were running for their lives. Tonight, they're running for the National Championship. Count on a big win for LSU.

My Big Ten picks for the weekend

Ohio State over Youngstown State
Michigan over Appalachian State
Penn State over Florida International
Northwestern over Northeastern
Michigan State over UAB
Iowa over Northern Illinois
Missouri over Illinois
Wisconsin over Washington State
Indiana over Indiana State
Purdue over Toledo
Bowling Green over Minnesota

Big Ten goes 9-2

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