Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mid-day break, time to post!

Ohio State news

- It might be short notice, but at 8pm tonight, ESPN Classic is showing a re-broadcast of the Ohio State-Miami National Championship game. I can guarantee you I'll be flipping back and forth between that one and the Indians game.

Cleveland Indians news

- Heading into tonight's game, the Indians hold a 3.5 game lead over the Detroit Tigers. Of course, it's no surprise that an Ohio team is leading a Michigan team, but it's always fun to report on it.

- Tonight's game features CC Sabathia (14-7, 3.38 ERA) vs. Johan Santana (14-9, 2.97 ERA). It should be as close to a playoffgame as we'll get until October. If the Indians can beat Santana again (no team has EVER beat him 4 times in a season), it should end the Twins playoff hopes. They came into this series hoping for a sweep that would draw them to within 2.5 games of the Tribe. They might leave town 8.5 back, and it would be all but over for them.

- I don't think it's too early to count Magic Numbers for the Indians....they are at 27 to win the division.

Other stuff

- Does anybody know if Andy at My Casual Thoughts is still alive? The last time he posted was the day after the Cavaliers/Spurs Game 4.

- Here's my Saturday, in a nutshell.....

Noon - Ohio State vs. Youngstown State
330pm - Wisconsin vs. Washington State
7pm - Cleveland Indians vs. Chicago White Sox
8pm - Tennessee vs. California

It's great to be alive.

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