Monday, August 06, 2007

Llllloyd Carr looks the other way again

Pay no attention to the troublemaker in the Michigan uniform.

That's the message Lloyd Carr is sending to the team today. Carr reinstated WR Adrian Arrington to his team's lineup after suspending him for (gasp!) spring practice.

Carr says that Arrington was forced to miss spring practice, then he had to run the steps at Michigan Stadium for 60 days. Now, he's allowed to play again. Apparently, REAL punishment for players who have gone astray is not in Carr's vocabulary, as was evidenced last season.

If you recall, Arrington was arrested for physical assault on his girlfriend. The two had been out drinking (he's only 20, by the way), then yanked her from a car by her wrists after a heated argument. Arrington then got in the car and drove off....oh, and remember I said they had been out DRINKING? Yeah, he got in the car and drove off after that.

Carr refused to enact any punishment after that incident, so it's no surprise that he'll miss no game time after his latest foray.

But everything's OK in Michigan. Give the kid a break! After all....he ran up the steps! Show a little mercy. I mean, come on....STEPS!

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