Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bowl preview, part 10

Colorado vs. Alabama
Independence Bowl
Sunday, December 30th - 8pm

Who gives a shit?

Colorado 21
Alabama 20
Actual score
Alabama 30
Colorado 24
The BBC - 11-4
Air Force vs. California
Armed Forces Bowl
Monday, December 31st - 1230pm

Can anybody actually believe that Cal was once ranked #2 in the nation? Not only that, but they were #2 heading into a game in which #1 had already lost earlier in the day?

That was a long time ago, and somewhere along the way, California decided to stop trying. That loss to Oregon State ruined the Bears, who have lost 6 of their last 7 games. The only win during that stretch was a squeaker over 5-7 Washington State. Cal probably doesn't deserve a bowl, and they are only eligible for one thanks to an Oregon fumble.

Meanwhile, Air Force has themselves a good offense that can put up some points. And they get their biggest chunks on the ground. Their best running back has only 8 yards fewer than their top many teams can make that claim?

The Falcons need to get off to a good start and put some early points on the board. Cal packed it in long before the season was complete, and they might have regained some confidence with time off. If Air Force jumps out early, Cal will fold.

Air Force 41
California 31
Actual score
California 42
Air Force 36
The BBC - 11-5
Georgia Tech vs. Fresno State
Humanitarian Bowl
Monday, December 31st - 2pm

The Smurf Bowl! If you watch this game, do not attempt to adjust the tint on your TV. That turf is actually blue. It took me two or three years before I got used to it. You'll be OK.

Bowl games are supposed to be a reward for having a good season. If you played football in Georgia or California, would you consider going to Idaho a "reward"? Yeah, me neither.

I'm not incredibly impressed by either team...both are good, but there's no major difference to highlight. Fresno State's defense is more suspect, and it seems when they lose, they give up a LOT of points (they have allowed 43 points per game in their 4 losses). If Georgia Tech opens up the playbook, they'll have some success on the scoreboard.

I expect a high-scoring game, and Fresno State loses those ones.

Georgia Tech 52
Fresno State 48
Actual score
Fresno State 40
Georgia Tech 28
The BBC - 11-6
South Florida vs. Oregon
Sun Bowl
Monday, December 31st - 2pm

Ah, what could have been. Oregon might be playing for the National Championship if not for a knee injury to Denis Dixon. Hell, we could have had a Heisman Trophy for the kid too. They fell apart without him, and he won't be playing in the bowl game either. When Dixon played, the Ducks offense was high-flying and scored a LOT of points. Without him, they got shut out by UCLA in the middle of a 3-game losing streak.

South Florida started off strong, then let the hype get into their heads. After going 6-0 and rising to #2 in the nation, they actually began to believe they were going to win a national championship, a Heisman Trophy, and the Nobel Peace Prize. But they weren't ready for prime time just yet and they dropped three straight and fell right out of the BCS rankings altogether.

Since then, three straight wins have them at 9-3 and they are believing in themselves again...only this time, they have a more realistic view of their own importance. But now they have to re-convince the nation that they are worthy again. Oregon will give them that chance.

South Florida's offense puts up big numbers and that should continue in Texas on Monday

South Florida 37
Oregon 21
Actual Score
Oregon 56
S. Florida 21
The BBC - 11-7

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