Sunday, December 02, 2007

Slow sports news day today....

....not really much to talk about. Here's some headlines of other Ohio State blogs. Maybe they have something to say on such a boring evening.

"It's On" - Eleven Warriors (What's on? Oh, I forgot. It's Robot Chicken night!)
"Bowl selections announced" - Around The Oval
"It's official - Ohio State vs. LSU" - Buckeye Commentary
"Don’t let ESPN convince you the BCS is at fault" - MotSaG

Hey, wait a minute....there seems to be a pattern here. Am I missing something?

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Nittany White Out said...

Congrats on the invite. Now, finish off the tigers in their backyard for the rest of the Big Ten and keep the Southern zombies quiet for a year about their SEC superiority. PLEASE for the sake of Northern sanity, beat the Tigers in New Orleans.