Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bowl preview, part 4

Let's continue with the bowl previews....

Boise State vs. East Carolina
Hawaii Bowl
Sunday, December 23rd - 8pm

I'm thinking that this game might be a huge mismatch. Boise State still has a large nucleus of players that beat Oklahoma a little over 11 months ago, and they finished this season 10-2. Only an early loss to Washington (back before Jake Locker had the holy bejeezus scared out of him by Little Animal) and a late-season loss at Hawaii prevented the Broncos from consecutive unbeaten seasons.

Meanwhile, East Carolina is lucky to be in bowl game. They ended up 7-5, and have some rather embarrassing defeats on their resume this season. They lost by 41 points to West Virginia, but that is not their most embarrassing Saturday of the year. So what was that loss that was worse than the WVA one?

They lost to Marshall by 19 points....Marshall went 3-9 this year. Yes, I said 19 points.

East Carolina has no business being in a bowl game, and unless Boise State overlooks the Pirates, you should have full confidence in the Broncos winning this one.

But Boise State knows plenty about being overlooked....I doubt it'll happen to them.

Boise State 47
East Carolina 21
Actual score
East Carolina 41
Boise State 38
The BBC - 5-1

That takes us through Christmas. We'll pick up again with the Motor City Bowl next time.

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Dan Isaacs said...

So is ECU this year's Boise State?