Monday, December 03, 2007

How the coaches voted

There's an interesting website where you can see how every coach voted in the final Coaches Poll.

Notice some of the unbelievable rankings some of these morons give.

-Bobby Bowden had Oklahoma at #10, while putting Missouri at #6 and Kansas at #7
-Mario Cristobal (FAU) had Ohio State at #6
-Bob Stoops had the following - #1 Oklahoma, #2 Ohio State, #3 Missouri, #4 Kansas

Ah, I'm too pissed off. Look for yourselves and report the atrocities.


Steve said...

I've hated Spurrier before for being a buck-passing, unlikeable prick, and well, he didn't do much to better his standing in my eyes with his poll. Not that he cares, of course...

hzl123 said...

Yeah, take a look at Nittany White Out. They took a look at who they placed for the top 2 spots and someone actually put Hawaii in the top spot. Then theres a Virginia Tech - LSU rematch. Its like monkey flinging poo against the wall.