Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ohio State goes to the National Championship game! Thank you, Oklahoma and Pitt!

As you can see, everything is back to normal. Everything is in it's normal place and it's just the way you expect to see things.

Oh, and I changed the blog back too!

Tonight, Oklahoma did what I honestly believed they would do. They manhandled a team that doesn't know how to handle success. they've never been there before and they blew it on the big stage.

But West, did they choke on the big fat one or what? They let lowly Pittsburgh destroy them on their HOME FIELD! That mighty offense that literally ran up the score last week against UConn couldn't cross the end zone more than one time against Pitt? You knew when they missed two early chip-shot FGs that it was going to be a weird night....but there's no denying it. West Virginia does not belong with the big boys, and they proved it by failing BIG TIME. Win and they're in, and they choked. That defines failure in so many ways.

So here we are, headed for New Orleans. Ohio State versus somebody else. Who? We don't know yet. I'll bet it's Georgia, but it won't shock me to see LSU leapfrog two teams to get in. Personally, I think a 1-loss Kansas has more of a claim to it than LSU, who lost to two unranked teams. At least Kansas lost to the team that became #1.

Anyway, a Michigan blog owes me an apology. Six days before the Michigan game, I detailed how Ohio State could get to the BCS National Championship game, and UM Tailgate linked to it, calling it "the definition of grasping at straws".

UM Tailgate, you owe me an apology.

Go Buckeyes!

UPDATE - It took UM Tailgate a mere few hours to post a thread on the topic. That is a classy thing to do. I'm impressed by that, and I'm impressed by the blog deserve a lot of recognition for some fine work.

4 comments: said...

My apologies.

Crow eating post on my site.

Enjoy NOLA, you bastards.

Jason said...

Great call-out. I'd email that dude his quote every day for the next year.

Jeff Seemann said...

Fortunately, Jason....I don't have to. By the time I woke up, he'd already apologized and eaten crow on his site.

That there's a good man.

Jason said...

Classy, indeed.