Sunday, December 30, 2007

It's way too damn early!

It's 4:15am (and Michigan still sucks), and I'm up getting dressed. Why?

I'm going to the Browns game today!

First time I've tailgated for a Browns game in about 5 years. The tailgating starts at 6am for the group of people I'm headed up with and we leave at 4:45. We've got a keg of Dortmunder, a pot of sauerkraut kielbasa, and a full log of prime rib. If the teevee catches a shot of me today, I'll post it (I've got front-row seats on the 5-yard-line by the visiting team tunnel).

I'll be shocked if I survive the day, so upon my imminent demise, I hereby bequeath the Buckeye Battle Cry to be divided up evenly between the proprietors of Eleven Warriors, Men Of The Scarlet And Grey, and Halftime Adjustments.

Go Browns....and go Colts, too!

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