Monday, December 03, 2007

Cross your fingers, fans of The BBC......

A friend of mine is a student at Ohio State (she's actually in TBDBITL). I asked her this morning if she had any access to tickets for the BCS Title Game as a member of the band.

Her response was no.......but.......

She just told me that she is entering the student lottery, and promised to sell the tickets AT FACE VALUE to me if she wins. Plus, she's asking her friends to enter for me too!

I have a few chances to go to the game for 185 bucks a ticket. Oh, hell yes!

Cross your fingers.

UPDATE - For those of you who have e-mailed me saying that the tickets might need to be picked up at the venue with a student ID.....that scared me, until I remembered that my friend is in the marching band and will be at the game too! So if whe wins, she can get the tickets for me in NOLA!


Anonymous said...

Note that if you do get a ticket, you might have to pick up your tickets in New Orleans with a student ID. That's the way it worked in '03.

Jeff Seemann said...

I've had someone tell me this (Frank from UM Tailgate).

So I'll cross my fingers, too.