Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Cost per win (aka "Lynch deserves a raise")

An interesting chart went up on USA Today (and it wasn't a pie chart! Will wonders never cease?).

It details Division 1 schools, what they pay their head coaches, and what they paid per win in 2007.

Lemme give you the Big Ten results;

School-------------Coach-------salary----------paid per win
Ohio State--------Tressel-------$2,367,000-----$215,182
Michigan State---Dantonio----$1,150,000-----$164,286

Penn State was not included, as they do not officially release Paterno's salary (despite what you read last week). Same thing goes for Northwestern.

Indiana has themselves a sweetheart deal with Lynch. And I know that a lot of that was based on emotional performances in honor of Indiana's fallen coach Terry Hoeppner. But Lynch deserves a ton of credit for turning that heart=break and that pain into a winning team. He will add tradition to IU, and will give that school their $41,900 worth.

The whole list can be found here.


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