Friday, July 18, 2008

43 days left

Brandon Schnittker, who was the key player in one of my favorite plays of the magical 2002 season.

Ahainst Michigan, the Bucks were down 9-7 midway through the fourth quarter. On the first play of their go-ahead drive, Craig Krenzel stepped back to pass, and fired it to Michael Jenkins across midfield. But Schnittker came out of the backfield as a fourth-option dumpoff, and his route was between Krenzel and Jenkins. Schnittker snagged the pass as if he were intercepting it from the intended receiver, and took it 15 yards down the field into Michigan territory.

Several plays later, the Buckeyes scored and held on for the 14-9 victory.

Krenzel only threw one pass all day that ended up being grabbed before it got to the intended receiver...thankfully, it was a guy wearing scarlet and gray who picked it off.

photo credit - Gary Housteau, Bucknuts

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