Monday, July 14, 2008

Chic Harley/A.J. Hawk days to go....

This is Chic Harley. He wore #47 a long, long time ago ("back in the day"). Without Chic Harley, Ohio State would not be where they are today.

- In his three years at Ohio State, the Buckeyes went 21-1-1, including their first-ever win over Michigan
- He was named first-team All-American three times
- He was named first-team All-American for the first half of the 20th century (Red Grange was second-team)
- He was a triple-threat, playing halfback on offense, safety on defense, and was the kicker AND punter on special teams. Rumor has it he also used his self-invented time machine to be an advance scout for the next week's opponent
- He spearheaded a fundraising drive that raised 1.3 million dollars (imagine what that would be worth in today's dollars) to build Ohio Stadium
- He also lettered in baseball, basketball, and track at Ohio State

Oh, and DURING his college career, he also went to fight in World War I.

In other words, the guy got laid a lot.

In 2004, Ohio State retired his number 47 (which he only wore in one game...players didn't wear numbers at Ohio State until late in his career).

One year later, the jersey saw it's final game with Ohio State, when this guy beat the living hell out of his brother-in-law with millions watching on national TV.

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