Wednesday, July 09, 2008

DeVoe Torrence acquitted of statutory rape charges

From the Canton Repository;
A Massillon teen has been acquitted of a rape charge involving a 12-year-old girl.

Stark County Family Court Judge David E. Stucki said he didn't find enough evidence to convict DeVoe J. Torrence, a one-time Ohio State University football recruit, of the juvenile charge.

Torrence testified today and denied a sexual encounter took place.

The girl initially testified that she didn't remember what happened between her and Torrence after she went to his bedroom in the early morning hours of Sept. 23.

But she later said the two had sex and detailed their condom use for the court.

On cross examination by defense attorney Jeffrey Haupt, the girl admitted she has a tendency to lie.

Torrence, now 18, was charged with rape because the girl was 12 at the time. The trial was held juvenile court because Torrence was 17 at the time.
Jim Tressel withdrew this kid's scholarship a few months back, and it was speculated that these charges were the primary reason. Torrence has often been rumored of this type of behavior.

Having grown up in Stark County, home of both McKinley and Massillon, I can tell you one thing....if you play football in this town, you get away with a LOT of nefarious activity.

I'm still divided on whether or not this kid was actually innocent, but at least he isn't going up the river over a possible encounter with a girl who lied on the stand.

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Anonymous said...

Probably not the best idea to use a euphemism that has its origins in antebellum slavery (being sold "up the river)when discussing the penal interests of a young African American male.