Friday, July 04, 2008

Bartender, cut me off at 16 and a half drinks. I gotta drive tonight.

Details are coming out now about Michigan RB Kevin Grady's DUI arrest Tuesday night.

WYOMING -- A vehicle driven by University of Michigan running back and former East Grand Rapids High School football standout Kevin Grady was pulled over early Wednesday, and he was arrested for allegedly having a blood-alcohol level more than three times the legal limit.

According to the ticket issued to Grady, he had a blood-alcohol level of 0.281. Michigan's legal definition of drunk is 0.08.
Seriously? 0.281? Do you have ANY idea how much a guy has to drink to get that kind of a blood-alcohol level? Let's delve into that, shall we?

Michigan's official football site lists Kevin Grady as a 5'9", 224 lb RB. To calculate what one drink does to your blood alcohol level, you divide 3.8 by your body weight. (source -

Therefore, one drink will give a guy like Kevin Grady a blood alcohol level of 0.017. Extrapolate that out, and it will take SIXTEEN AND A HALF DRINKS to get a level of 0.281.

Something tells me this isn't Jim Harbaugh's definition of a "Michigan Man". Gary Moeller, maybe.....but not Harbaugh.

One other interesting point in the article....
Wyoming Police pulled over the 22-year-old as he drove south on Byron Center Avenue SW near 44th Street in a 2007 GMC Yukon Denali just before 2 a.m.
Someone want to explain how a college kid can afford a $40,000 dollar car? How does he have that kind of money? I'm sure his scholarship pays for school and all, but he'd better have a kick-ass campus job (one that even pays for some pretty hefty bar tabs, too)


Raj said...

Grady is originally from the Grand Rapids (west Michigan) area. Wyoming is a suburb of Grand Rapids. His dad is a bit of a hotshot in the GR area. It's probably one of his parents' car.

(used to be a m*ch*g*n Buckeye, but now lives again in Ohio :-) )

Anonymous said...

most delusional UM fans i've spoke to about this say the whole things a misunderstanding. The denali's engine wasn't actually running - mike barwis was pushing it.....uphill.....with the emergency break on!

trust me, this would be believable for them.

Anonymous said...

As Raj said, daddy is rich. Although I think daddy is going to beat Kevin's ass just from hearing what he is like.