Thursday, July 03, 2008

Somewhere, Jim Harbaugh is laughing

Why? Because "Michigan Men" wouldn't do this sort of least not when he was a player up north.

Michigan RB Kevin Grady, about to enter his fourth-year junior season, was arrested for DUI on Wednesday.

Grady's been kind of a bust since hitting campus three years ago.
- He's never had a 100-yard game, despite getting ample playing time while Mike "H-2-Oh-and-four" Hart was nursing hangnail injuries.
- He tore his ACL and missed all of 2007.
- Now this.

It'll be interesting to see how Rich Rodriguez handles this. But then again, nobody will really notice much anyway.

However, let's give him some credit. At least he didn't smack a bitch around on the night he got arrested. And there's still no evidence that he was baked out of his mind while playing in an actual game.

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