Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weekend vacation awaits.....

Thursday morning, I board a plane and head off to meet the girlfriend in California. I doubt I'll get the chance to post while I'm away, but you never know.

So in case I miss my chance to post, here's a continuation of the countdown (you didn't think I'd blow it off, did you?)

Thursday, 37 days to's Dustin Fox

Friday, it'll be 36 days left. Any doubt about who I'd put up next?

I was there for Earle Bruce's final game in 1987, at Michigan Stadium. Pre-game, I was against the wall when the players unveiled their "Earle" headbands. It was awe-inspiring. We reached out to slap the shoulder pads of every player that came near us during pre-game....except Spielman. He had a look in his eyes that afternoon, so fierce that even Buckeye fans didn't want to fuck with him.

Saturday, it'll be 35 days's another National Championship hero, Matt Wilhelm. Wilhelm stuffed Miami at the line on 3rd-and-goal at the 1-yard-line in the second OT. Miami would have scored on that play against any other LB in the nation.

On Sunday, we will have reached 34 days. Don't ask why, I just love this picture of Rob Harley.

My plane lands Monday at 8pm. Might as well take the day off and post that day's countdown pic too. Here's The Little Animal.....

Have a great weekend, and enjoy yourselves. I know I will....

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