Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Return to the routine

In case you missed me for the extra day I stayed away......I'm back at the computer in mom's basement, eating cheetos and typing in my underwear. I was supposed to arrive yesterday at about 830pm, but I had a little extra fun.

The girlfriend and I went to a casino in northern California on Sunday night (I won 100 bucks at blackjack), and retired early to our hotel room in Eureka. Woke up WAY too early Monday morning to catch our 6:20am flight to Salt Lake City. Along the way, we joked about how we wanted more time together and "wouldn't it be great if we could get bumped from our flights" and make another day of it.

We landed in SLC and she quickly made her way to her flight to San Diego (home of her latest business trip). She got on, and I had about an hour before my plane to Atlanta boarded. Once at my gate, I figured I had very little going on except a lot of time on airplanes before I got home to Canton. So, I asked if they needed volunteers to give up their seats.

They took me up on it.

They offered me 400 dollars (in flight money), a meal voucher worth another 12 bucks, and booked me on a later flight that would get me into Cleveland at 9pm. So I wandered around, got a Cinnabon and a smoothie with my meal voucher (I had just eaten), and made my way to my next scheduled flight. Once there, they asked for more volunteers to bump.


They gave me another 400 dollars in airline money, put me up for the night for free in SLC, and another 20 bucks in meal vouchers.

Woke up this morning for a 7am flight, but unfortunately the flight wasn't full, so I boarded it and came home. However, I didn't miss a day of work, and I now have 800 bucks to spend on flights within the next 12 months.

Oh, and did I mention that flights to Miami from January 6th-January 12th are now only 265 dollars? Honey, if you're reading this, you know what I'm saying, right?

Oh, and everybody else....32 days to go. Here's one of my favorites, Na'il Diggs.

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